Why I Hate Wearing Ties

When I began my career in the business world believe it or not…I wore ties.  Yep, every day I’d get up, grab a collared shirt, and put on a different tie to start the day.  Don’t get me wrong, I had cool ties and rarely wore the same one twice in a month.

I thought that if I wore a tie it showed I was successful.  It was a sign that I was important and people should listen to me.  I even thought if I wore ties people would respect me.

I wore ties so I could pretend to be someone I thought I should be.  Someone I thought I wanted to be.

It took me 7 years to realize that although I was becoming exactly what I thought I wanted to be, I wasn’t becoming who God wanted me to be.

Now, I’m not saying that working in the business world or people that wear ties are not becoming what God designed them to be.  In fact, I believe that may be exactly what God designed you to be.  But for me, that tie represented a mask that was hiding the real me.

After years of 4+ hours of driving a day, dry heaves in the parking lot, sleepless nights, and stress upon stress, I realized that God was telling me my time in the business world was over and He had designed me for ministry.  Don’t kid yourself, I was scared to death and had no idea what the road of ministry looked like, but I felt an indescribable peace when I walked away from my tie for the last time.

When you find the groove that God created you to run there is far less friction in your spirit.  You love what you do and your heart begins to beat in the rhythm God created it to beat.  You actually feel the Shalom or peace that all of us desire.

I can honestly say I’ve found the Shalom rhythm as a Pastor.  My heart beats fast as I wake up, walk through the door, and when I get home.  I love being used by God and letting Him leverage any bit of the ability He’s given me for his glory.  I have found my soul’s sweet spot and I’m free to be who I am in Christ.

I believe everyone can find the Shalom God intended for you, but I guarantee it will take a leap of faith.  It may mean mom won’t understand.  It may mean you will make less money.  It may mean you will lose friends, comfort, and maybe even have to move, but you CAN find what God intended for you to be, do, or become.

Please don’t be something God never intended you to be just so you can be what everyone thinks you should be.

Put more trust in the God that loved you enough to die for you bloody and naked on a cross and will provide for you beyond what you can imagine when you are in His Shalom.

Don’t be a tie wearer with clean hands if God designed you to have dirty hands with ripped jeans.  You will only be fooling yourself but not God.


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