What Anchors Your Soul?

My family and I went to KeyLime Cove a few weekends ago or as the astute Dr. Casey Tygrett calls it “E-Coli Cove”.  It was this kid’s first time at a water park and they loved it.  Ok, maybe Aniston enjoyed the video games and tickets that she won more than the slides, but for the baby book we will say she loved it.

Well, one of the areas that Aniston loved was this little wave pool area (which is a killer quad workout if you are wondering).  While Cherie and Aniston played in that area, I decided to take Easton on the lazy river.  If you’ve never been on a lazy river you  basically float on an inner tube as a gentle current takes you around the perimeter of the water park.  So I jumped on the tube and put Easton on my lap and off we floated.  Now my son is a very…how do you say…active child and never sits still.  But on the lazy river he found his nirvana and was completely still.  Didn’t move a muscle.

Yes we’ve decided to install one in our townhouse.  It’s totally worth it.

But what’s unique about the lazy river is that it starts and stops right by the wave pool.  The current of the wave pool is what pushes you down the lazy river.  So every time we’d go around the horn we’d encounter the wave pool…on a tube…with a 9 month old.

So normally Cherie would be there to meet me with Aniston “aka Ariel”, but a couple times she did not get there in time.  This meant Easton and I would have to ride the wave pool currents left only to my killer tube steering skills to save us.  Fearing that I’d soon capsize and drown my 9 month old son at E-coli Cove, I had to holler at Cherie to come help us right the ship.

Thankfully Cherie got there in time, but for awhile it was a little nutty.

Our lives sometimes feel like we are riding on an inner tube in the wave pool.  We are getting tossed from one side to the other and don’t know if we can hang on.  We just don’t know if we can keep the ship upright.  Our minds race, the stress mounts, and our nerves stand straight on end.

Our world feels out of control and lost at sea.

We try several things to right the ship though don’t we?  We will try to tread water by working harder, longer, faster.  Sometimes we even add things to our plate to make our boats heavier in hopes this will stop the bobbing up and down.  I mean at the very least I can distract myself with these other things to ignore the storm I’m in.

In reality none of those work and in fact they only make the waves choppier.

Our souls long for something different.  Something calming…something solid to hold onto.  Our souls long for an anchor.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

What is this hope?

The hope is Jesus Christ and the anchor of His Grace, Mercy, Peace, and Forgiveness that He offers in a life rooted in Him.  Our souls are desperate to be anchored back to the dock and refuge of God.

Only there will we find peace and calm.

If we choose to anchor our souls in anything other than the truth of God we are left to our own life saving techniques.  We will be tossed back and forth in life guaranteed to have perpetual spiritual sea sickness.

I plead that we all anchor our souls properly.  To allow God to calm the seas of our life and give us the ability to tether our lives back to the rock that is unshakable, not weathered by the storms of our life.

Two ways we can do this is through God’s Word and Prayer To God.

Through God’s Word we are able to find the bedrock of Truth that God desperately wants us to cling to.  Through His Word we replace the lies of “work longer, harder, faster” with Come to me all you are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Take time each day to read, meditate, and apply His Word to your life so that waves of Scripture will fill your mind and not fear or doubt.

The second thing you can do is Pray to God.  Prayer is our opportunity to simply talk to God and to be honest, transparent in front of God.  This is the place where there is no need to be someone you’re not, believe me, He already knows the real you anyway. 🙂

Paul gives us wise words in Philippians 4:6 when he says,

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Calm the seas in your life today by throwing down your anchor in the bedrock of God’s love and Truth.  Trust that there is nothing He can’t handle and nothing He can’t calm.

Anchors away!!!


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