True Confessions of a First Time Dad: Would It Kill You To Hold A Door?

I was recently in Naperville, Illinois with Aniston while we waited for our dog Pachino to get a haircut or should I say buzz.

If I can say, our Golden Retriever loves getting shaved almost as much as Aniston dropping her entire lunch on the kitchen floor.  His heaven would consist of rows of toddlers in high chairs eating ravioli, a person rubbing his ears at all times, a buzz cut, and probably one of the Sleep Number beds in the shape of a dog bone.  He rocks.

Well, while Pachino was having a doggy spa day, Aniston and I hit some of the sites of Naperville including the Children's Museum.  This was totally cool, but needs another blog.  Stay Tuned.

However, before we tackled the museum we grabbed a little lunch at Panera.  Aniston loves people watching and grilled cheese so this was a perfect match.  We ate, pointed, giggled, and changed a diaper before it was time to go.  After I packed up I began the art of loading myself down for the walk to the car.

This consists of figuring out how you can carry a diaper bag, leftovers, sippy cup, a cookie for mom, the Declaration of Independence, a box of fireworks, and oh, a baby. I literally felt like a combination of those chicks that carry water on their heads and a Sherpa leading an expedition of climbers up Mt. Everest as I prepared for the 30 yard walk to the car.

As I got close to the doors to leave a sweet lady saw me.  She had just finished her meal and was taking her iced tea to go.  She smiled at us and as she walked through the glass doors, she "kindly"…let it shut in my face as she put on her knock-off Christian Dior sunglasses.  Even Aniston, who can only say "baby," was hacked off.

For Pete sake, I know I didn't have my cardboard sign on me that said "Will Work For You To Hold The Door Open For Me," but I'm pretty sure I didn't have my Harry Potter invisible cape on either.

So I did the whole "kick the door open with my foot scurry through before my daughter gets a concussion"-move and made my way to the car.  Luckily I only dropped the fireworks.

Too often I do that to people too.  Not so much with people needing the door held open for them, but to people that obviously have some baggage in their life. It's the kind of thing where you can obviously see that there is some stuff going on or stuff has gone on that they could use some help with.

I'm not even talking about the people you meet on the street corners, but I'm talking about the people you know well.  The friends and family that are close to you, that you share meals with, go to ball games with, and you text those stupid things back and forth with. Those people.

I pray that we aren't shutting the door in their faces as I know I have in my life.  They may never ask for it, but they may just need us just to turn around and help a little. Maybe it's an encouraging word, a Scripture you have read that has helped you, an invite to church, or even a kick in the pants to get them going again. You know them well so help them well too.

Whatever you do will be better than smiling and slipping out the door.  

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