True Confessions Of A First Time Dad: I’m Immune To The Smell of Poo

All babies seem to have a unique way of digesting food that causes paint to peel off the walls of their nursery every time you change them.  It’s fascinating since all they drink is milk and nearly digested baby food so how that translates into a radioactive isotope I don’t know.

All that makes what happened the other day so odd.

I was changing one of Easton’s three daily diaper bombs when I realized something.  My gag reflex wasn’t on red alert and I was not even slightly dry heaving.  My breathing didn’t seem to be labored and the hallucinations were not nearly as vivid.  Those little actor babies on the diaper boxes get a little freaky when you’re bathing in the odiferous sewage known as a dirty diaper.

What I realized was…I shudder to say…but it’s true…I am used to the smell of poop.

Hard to believe but it’s true!

After nearly three years of pungent diapers I reached the stage of nostril nirvana.

Now only a parent would appreciate this new super power, because to the normal human the smell, sight, discussion, or allusion to a poopy diaper should at least make you create a stink face.

So how could this be?  How could I be immune to the poo?

The reason is called olfactory adaptation.  This is our body’s ability to become immune to bad smells due to repeated exposure to the stank.  It allows us to continue to smell other things around us instead of getting stuck on the stench.

That’s great except for one thing.

Just because we can’t smell it doesn’t mean it’s not still disgusting.

Do you ever ask yourself this question as you look at the world?

How could anyone do that?

I mean we look at the TV and see the rape, murder, cheating, shootings, corruption, and on and on and on we could go and we are perplexed.  How in the world could someone get to the point where “that” is possible?

But before we start looking at other people’s moral tree we should look at the fruit that we are growing too.

People may look at our lives and ask similar questions.

  • How could someone claiming to be a Christian still cheat on their wife?
  • How could a professed Christian use such perverse language?
  • Why would a honest Christian lie on their expense report at work?

The answer?

Soul-factory adaptation.

I believe our souls were originally wired to be one with God, but in our lives we decided to go on our own journeys.  These selfish travels naturally took us away from God and into the sewage of sin.

At first our Soul-factory System flared up and we saw the lying, cheating, and sin for the rancid smell it was, but after repeated exposure we got used to it.  Our soul adapted, but not in the good way.  In the way that kills a little bit more of who we were designed to be each day.  We no longer smell the stink because we’ve grown used to it.

God’s design for our Soul-factory system is far different.  Once we allow Jesus to reign and rule in our lives we must crave different scents.  Our senses must be flushed with what He desires more than what we desire.

Our nostrils must sting in the presence of sin and seek the sweet aroma of holiness.

I pray that we can live our lives with the words of Job on our Spirit.

“as long as I have life within me, the breath of God in my nostrils,”Job 27:3

Breathe deep God’s sweet Truth into your spirit, and re-embrace the beauty of your gag reflex to sin.

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  1. alright it got the best of me! i had to read it,ever since you said you wrote about poop and tied it to a message it ate at me. way to bring it home,i got it and your so right later buddy

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