True Confessions Of A First Time Dad: I Want My Daughter To Marry A Leader

I was listening to a message about a year ago by Greg Surratt a pastor at Seacoast Church in South Carolina.  I couldn’t tell you what the point of the message was, but at one point he was talking about his daughter and the boys that wanted to date her.

That perked my attention.

He went on to describe how he had a process by which he would “interview” potential suitors for his daughter by making them meet him at his church office. When they got there, he’d sit them down and ask them a series of questions.  Some were spiritual and some were just meant to poke around at their character.

All of them were great, but the most brilliant of all the questions was “What are you the leader of?”

I had thought of a lot of questions to ask Aniston’s future boyfriends such as “blood or urine?”, but until now I had never thought about asking about their leadership.  It now is #2 on my list after “Are you a Christian?”

Why should leadership get a spot that high on a daddy’s list?  Well here are a few reasons.

  • A leader takes charge of a situation.
  • A leader isn’t influenced by the crowd, he influences the crowd.
  • A leader is disciplined and enjoys correction.
  • A leader respects others and is respected for it.
  • A leader rises above average to pursue excellence.
  • A leader is self-motivated while motivating others.
  • A leader knows how to pull the best out of people.
  • A leader looks around for solutions, not excuses.
  • A leader charts their own course not the course charted by others.
  • A leader doesn’t have to be convinced to go to school.
  • A leader doesn’t consider college a possibility, it’s a given.
  • A leader looks at challenges as opportunities to rise above.

And that’s just the short list.

I want my daughter to marry a man who is a Christian and a leader because I know she won’t want to drag around a “follower” her entire life.  She won’t want to push an unmotivated “boy that shaves” to do something when she is laser focused on something greater.  She’s not going to be attracted to a couch potato, majoring in video games, and living in their mom’s basement because they are “holding out for a management position”.

No I want my daughter to be led, inspired, encouraged, and loved by a person that is driven for more than the next day.  A man that loves Jesus and wants to love her that same way too.

I want my daughter to marry a leader because I know she will be one herself and will settle for nothing less.  So boys between the ages of 2-4 you better step up your game and start leading if you want my daughter’s hand in marriage.

To my single men friends out there, I’d ask you to consider who you’re leading and where are you going?  Not so you can just settle down to do something with your soul mate, but so you can settle your soul’s desire to do something!

And single ladies, please, please, please don’t settle for a follower.  Be a leader yourself and don’t look behind you for someone dragging tail through life, but look next to you for someone running with their eyes fixed on the same goals as you.

Aniston I love you and I can’t wait to interview a few leaders for you someday.

Ok, maybe I can wait a long time 🙂

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