True Confessions Of A First Time Dad: I Love Phillip Phillips

My son is much more…how do you say…vocal than our daughter ever was at this age.  Whether it’s a farty noise, a giggle, a whine, or a cry he is pretty much always trying to make his presence known.

Usually when he’s in the car is his moment of silence, but every now and again when he’s over tired or just sick of being in his straight jacket of a carseat he will really let us have it.  No amount of car gymnastics from the front seat to blindly put his pacifier in while you keep the car from going into on coming traffic will work either.  Not even big sister with her silly antics can calm the beast.

There is but one thing…Phillip Phillips.

That’s right the American Idol winner whose song “Home” you’ve heard ad nauseam at the 2012 Olympics, the song you hear on every commercial, and the song that will instantly turn my son into Silent Bob within the first note.

We’ve tried other songs to no avail, but literally by the first pluck of the acoustic guitar Easton is transfixed.  However, just like Cinderella’s magical night the second the song ends the party is over and he is back to whatever bad mood he was in.

So what does any sane, logical, well educated father do?  Put that bad boy on repeat and learn all the words to the stinking song.

Don’t judge, you’d do it too and you know it!

So what is your “Phillip Phillips” between you and God

How do you in the middle of life’s temper tantrums calm yourself and focus yourself back to God?

I can’t tell you how important this is to your spiritual health and growth.  Having time to reconnect with God in a way that has no distraction, no timetable, and no agenda is vital to realizing a full and meaningful relationship with Him.

Jesus was our model for this practice.

In Luke 5 we read about Jesus calling the first disciples and performing miracles in the town he visited.  Let’s face it, the stress we feel with expense reports and backed up lines at the drive-thru are not quite as stressful compared to healing leprosy and selecting the men to start the Church.  It’s no wonder that Jesus was exhausted.

“But isn’t He God?”, you may ask, “How can God get tired?”

The beautifully relatable aspect of Jesus was His humanity.  That while being fully God He was also fully man meaning he experience and felt all the same things we do including fatigue.  And what Jesus does when fatigued is something we should all learn from.

“Yet the news about him spread all the more, so that crowds of people came to hear him and to be healed of their sicknesses. But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”– Luke 5:15-16

Jesus withdrew from the chaos and the work to pray and connect with His Father.  Even with all the people still needing healing, disciples needing discipling, and ministry left to do, He stopped, dropped, and prayed.  It’s how He recharged His batteries for the next phase of the journey and He did it “often” Scriptures tell us.

My challenge to you and me is to be like Jesus today.

Now, before you go trying to walk across the pool at the local High School keep reading.

I want us to be like Jesus in the sense that we need to take time to connect with God just like He did and not feel guilty in doing it.  There is always things to do, places to go, and work to be done, but taking time to recharge with God is what will let you do those things with more clarity, confidence, and holiness.

God isn’t oblivious to your busy schedule, He just wants to be part of it. 

So make a point crank up some Phillip Phillips and let the world slip away so you can calm yourself and connect with your Dad.

I guarantee it will begin to feel just like Home.

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