True Confessions of a First Time Dad: I Love Changing Diapers

No, that is not just some cool title to get you to read this blog.  I really do like changing diapers!

Call me dumb or naive, but any time I get to spend with my daughter is worth it.  Even if it is while I clean up something that the US Government should probably do testing on because it may or may not be considered toxic waste.  Usually,as she is on her back waiting for the quick change to take place, this is where we get to "talk" a little.  I mean, she doesn't really have anywhere she can go so I have her seemingly undivided attention.  

It's a perfect time to give a few raspberries on her tummy, tickle her "pitties", or even just let her babble about…well…I have no idea, but it sounds very interesting.  I just love spending time with her anyway I can get it.  However, when I'm changing her diaper I feel like I am actually making her life a whole lot better.

Considering her life before was a cargo load of pee and now it is a freshly wiped, newly powdered, maybe even lotioned booty topped with a new ultra absorbent diaper I think it is safe to say "Life is Good". 

Can I just tell you gang that is exactly what God wants to do for us. 

His deepest desire is to see us come to Him with the diaper full of mess that we've made with our lives and let Him change us.  He delights when we stop trying to fix ourselves and submit that He is the only One that can clean us up the right way. 

Sure, we try to clean things up ourselves, but that usually looks something like those monkeys in the zoo that do the nasty stuff with their diapers if you know what I mean.  That is about as clean as we can make ourselves without God.

Listen, He doesn't ask us to clean up before He helps us!  A pastor I admire says it this way, "God is not looking for some future, better version of yourself."  God knows you have made a load in your proverbial diaper and you need a change.  He knows. 

Just like it doesn't take a neurosurgeon to know when Aniston has refunded the corn and ravioli she had for lunch, it isn't surprising to God when you have made a mess either.  I'll say it again…HE KNOWS. 

So maybe it's time we stop smearing the mess of our lives around thinking it is making things better and start letting God do what He does best. 

In love, cleaning you up and delighting in you as He does it.

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