True Confessions of a First Time Dad: Can You Really See Me Up There?

The other day my wife Cherie and I were standing in the loft area of our townhouse watching Aniston play on the deck with her kitchen set.  At one point we saw her take one of the toy forks and try to “comb” our dog Pachino’s hair with it. 

That poor dog has been through so much in the last 2 years the last thing he needs is to be impaled.

So before she had the chance to thrust, I said “Aniston, don’t do that to Pachino” in my deepest daddy voice I have.  You would have thought God himself had just spoken because the look on her face was priceless.  She didn’t know that we could see her and she didn’t seem to be able to see us through the window which made for a great “how the heck did he know?” moment.

I also remember when I was in Subway a few months ago I placed my order with the sandwich artist behind the counter only to quickly realize that he was a rookie.  He wasn’t a completely new person so he started to construct my meatball sandwich on his own.  He got the bread cut, the cheese down, and started to put the meatballs on before an employee came over to help out.

Through the fakest smile I’ve seen in a long time the fellow employee said to the newbie.  “Be careful not to put too many meatballs on the sub because she is watching.”  The newbie said, “who is watching…Sue?” darting his head looking for the manager.  Still smiling, the employee continued “Yes, she has a camera that when she’s not here she watches from home and will call into the store to yell at people putting too much food on the sandwiches.” The newbie said “no way, can she really see me up there?” as if he thought he was being hazed for being the new guy, but quickly recounted the meatball and took one away after seeing the seriousness of the other guy’s face. 

Do you ever think God can’t see you?

I mean, do you sometimes allow yourself to believe that God has to be doing more important stuff than watching the TV monitor with your life on it in the Heavenly control room?

Now, I’m not saying that God is waiting to slap your hand for giving a great guy like me an extra meatball, but He is watching. 

Look at what the Psalmist writes in Psalm 33:13-15.

From heaven the Lord looks down

and sees all mankind;

from his dwelling place he watches

all who live on the earth –

he who forms the hearts of all,

who considers everything they do.

This should actually come as a great relief to us as Christians.  To know that the Coach is watching, and what we are doing does matter should give us a great deal of reassurance in why we live how we live.

Let’s face it, instead of having to guess what’s on the test (like I had to do in Organic Chemistry in college), I like knowing that it all matters.  It all counts.  Knowing that doesn’t let me take a break or roll the dice thinking that He won’t ask about this little sin.

Now, where I would be extremely concerned is if I had to make amends for all of the stuff I did that He does see.  Every slip of the tongue, every white lie, every miss use of my money, every choice word I have for that guy that just cut me off.  If I was held accountable for all of that…I’d be nervous.

But as a Christian I am free of all sin because of Christ. 

Not so that I can be cocky about having a “Get Out Of Hell Free Card”, but so that I might be humbled and grateful for the gift of Grace given to me by Jesus that I desire to live differently for Him. 

That’s why I’m glad this Psalm didn’t end with the weird Guy watching me in the sky part, but continued:

But the eyes of the Lord are on those

who fear him,

On those whose hope is in his

Unfailing love,

To deliver them from death… – Psalm 33:18-19

So, live your life glad that your Dad is watching and make Him proud by how you live.  

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