True Confessions of a First Time Dad: Breakfast with BG is the Best

6:00 am –   Alarm goes off

6:00:30 am – I hit snooze

6:10 am – Alarm goes off…again (Is it just me or doesn't it seem to be more angry and irritated after a snooze?)

6:15 am – I get up

Cherie is training for the Chicago Marathon so that means that even on days she is off I'm still in charge of morning duty with Aniston.   SO PROUD OF MY WIFE!!!

6:20 am – I am usually cutting a fruit of some sort getting ready for BG to awaken. 

6:25 am – Sippy-straw bottle-thingy is filled with milk, bread is positioned in toaster, peanut butter is out, and knife sitting on a napkin to complete my preparation for my girl.

After that, the waiting game begins.  Most mornings I feel like a little boy on Christmas waiting for mom to say it is OK to come down and open presents as I anticipate Aniston waking up.  Yes, there are some mornings that I pray she has become a bear overnight and hibernation has set in, but those are few and far between. 

For me, having breakfast with my little girl is one of the best parts of my day.  I mean I love it all.

  • Cracking open the door to see what new hair-do she concocted during her blanket wrestling match
  • Seeing her head pop above the crib sometimes sucking on the wrong side of the paci
  • That little smile that says "morning daddy, I need a change"
  • Picking her up for that morning hug complete with her bedhead makes her all the more snuggly
  • Watching her stretch as we take off her water balloon diaper.
  • Having her head on my shoulder as I walk downstairs towards the kitchen

And finally…it's breakfast time.  It's a time for just her and I to giggle, play some peek-a-boo, and eat some kiwi slices together.  Right now there are no words exchanged, but since she has none in her arsenal I can't really call it the silent treatment.

I drink coffee with milk and she drinks straight milk.  I have toast with crust and she has toast with cuts.  I clean up the dishes and she wiggles and smooshes. 

I love just spending time with my little girl.

I'll keep my ending point short.

God wants that with you too.  He eagerly awaits when you wake and have time to spend with Him.  He wants to hear about your day, your struggles, your success, and your pains.  The Creator of the universe wants to spend one on one time with you because He loves you more than you can ever know.

So get up with your bedhead sometime and hang out with your Dad.  I'm sure he will have the bread in the toaster waiting. 


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