True Confessions Of A First Time Dad: Aniston Thinks Everything Is Chicken

I've decided that all kids are pretty much bipolar when it comes to food.

One minute they will eat everything you give them including the plate it came on and the next minute they will look like a French food critique with Irritable Bowl Syndrome at whatever you put in front of them.

Aniston falls into this stereotype perfectly.

She used to eat EVERYTHING we put in front of her including the nasty pea mush that not even the baby on the label looks happy eating.  Veggies, meat, fruit, you name it she would eat it.  Then she decided that she had standards or maybe “tastes” is a better word.

Phrases like, “I no eat salad” (for anything remotely green), “I no like dat? (for any type of casserole) crept in seemingly over night.  It got to the point where we thought the pediatrician was going to have to interrogate us with a spotlight for not feeding our child at the next visit.

But then through the sobs and pleading at the dinner table one night we realized something.

Chicken was cool.

I mean she loves it and would eat it all the time any time.

So what did we do as the grown, highly educated, Christian parents we are?

We lied to her.

Yep, from that moment on everything we put in front of her was “chicken”.  Steak, hamburger, tuna, salmon, mushrooms, sausage, anything she gave the stink eye to became chicken.  And I’ll be darned if it didn’t work.

Now before you report me to the Food Channel, I’d be willing to bet you’ve had your faux “chicken” moments.  In fact, I told Cherie the other night that I now know why everything tastes like chicken!  It’s because all of our parents lied to us!

Have you ever caught yourself eating a bunch of “chicken” in your spiritual life?

In other words, have you been living your life doing or not doing things because someone told you that’s what a Christian does, but you never really looked to see if that’s what God really said in his Word?

Here are a few to chew on:

  • Do you not drink alcohol because you think that’s something Christians don’t do?
  • Do you not associate with homosexuals because you think Jesus hates them and you should too?
  • Do you go to church on Sunday’s because you think that if you do God likes you better because of it?

The truth is that many of us accept the cultural perception of what a Christian “should be” without ever finding out what God said we should “actually be”.  The reason we don’t want to dig into that truth is because we won’t like what we find.  We will find that it’s not all “chicken” like we thought and that in fact we were wrong in many areas.  We will find we have to change who we are and that will hurt.

I know this is a constant point of shaping for me to this day.  It seems that daily I try to put my Brian-spin on Christianity when in reality I just need to honestly follow Jesus humbly.

My challenge for you and me is to not go through life thinking we know, but taking the time to know we know.  Dig into your Bible, listen at church, get into a small group, find accountability with people, and be willing to say “I’m wrong and need to change”.  If we can be honest and transparent about our shortcomings I know Jesus will gently meet us in our gaps and fill them with His love and grace.

We don’t have to go through life eating chicken because God’s menu has a way bigger selection to choose from.


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