True Confessions Of A First Time Dad: 10 Things I Learned From A 2 Year Old At Christmas

10.  Travelling in a car with a 2 year old is the #1 reason why every parent should own an iPad preloaded with enough Disney Movies to make Mickey Mouse blush.

9.  It is hard to convince a 2 year old that it’s Christmas when there is more snow in the Wal-Mart parking lot than on the ground at Mimi and Papa’s house on Christmas Day.

8.  Christmas ornaments are much more fun to look at when they have pictures of mommy and daddy from when they were younger.  Especially the ones when daddy had hair.

7.  There is no such thing as “too many” soft fluffy things you can put into a Pack-N-Play.  Even if the amount in it makes it almost impossible for you to lay down.

6.  Sitting across from Poppa at dinner will guarantee that food will be slowly eaten and attempts at winking will be many.

5.  When wrapping presents for a 2 year old, less is more.  Especially when it is given to one that doesn’t like tape stuck to her hands, any kind of mess, and the patience of a neurosurgeon.  If you do not listen to this warning you will still be uwrapping presents on New Years Eve.

4.  Disney is a sick and twisted genius of a company.  The people they have locked away in a secret cave somewhere and are refusing to feed until they create new ways to repackage 8 princess is working amazingly.  Just when you think you have them all…

3.  The best way to see if a new dress is any good is to put it on and then spin in the mirror until your nearly fall over.  Any other method is just madness and you might as well wear pants the rest of your life.

2.  If you give a 2 year old a small Christmas decoration snowman that lights up and changes colors right before she goes down for a nap, make sure you remove the decorative snowflake attached by a wire on top of it’s head.  That was a close one Mimi 🙂

1.  You know your 2 year old understands the real meaning of Christmas when she is able to tell you about Jesus from birth, to him growing up, to him going to the cross, to his empty tomb, and ending with “Jesus is ALIVE!” all by herself at the dinner table.  It makes a mommy and daddy’s heart melt.


Gang, don’t believe the lie that children don’t understand or are too young to comprehend what Christmas is all about.  Heck, don’t believe the garbage that children don’t understand what’s going on around them in general.

They understand way more than you think so teach them more than you think you should.

Our kids are sponges of knowledge and I’d much rather take the time to have them soak up the Truth about Jesus early in life when their sponge is empty instead of when they are bloated with all the lies of the world.

Love your kids enough to teach them the Truth about Jesus now.   You’ll never regret it and neither will they.

“Train a child in the way he should go,

and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

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