True Confession Of A First Time Dad: Remotes Don’t Float

remote-controlsI really don’t know what it is about remote controls, but boys of all ages are fascinated by them.  When they are younger they grab and push the buttons as if trying to press them through the backside cover.  As they get older the remote becomes the magic key that opens the portal to the Wonderful World Of Disney.  This is only a gateway drug to the adult version which allows us to watch sports on 4 different channels at once if we find the right combination of buttons.  Even when we age and all our mental and physical abilities decline our remote handling skills still remain sharp.  Unreal!

My son is no exception to the remote fixation.  Easton loves to carry them around, push the buttons, throw them on the couch, and find a combination of buttons to push that somehow let us look back in time when on Channel 8 for some reason.

My boy loves his remotes.

However nowadays there are remotes for nearly everything including the ceiling fan in our bedroom.  We have one with a remote control not for me but actually for my wife.  She is really the gatekeeper for light, dark, and temperature when it comes to bedtime.  I literally have to sneak around the bed at night after she’s asleep, like a ninja trying to steal a pressure sensitive jewel, to even turn on the fan.  In this case, the remote is vital to the working of the fan-light because without it there’s no manual way to use it.

This brings us to Saturday night.

I came home from work and Cherie said, “Well, your son finally did it.  As I was finishing washing Aniston up in the bathtub Easton ran into our room, grabbed the ceiling fan remote, and threw it right into the bathtub.  I had two hands full of shampoo so there was no stopping him.  The good news is that wall switch was in the on position so we can still turn it on.  The bad news is that fan was the only thing on when he baptized the remote so right now we have no light.”

This means that two college educated, post graduate schooled, high functioning adults will be getting dressed by the closet light in the mornings while being efficiently dried by the wind tunnel in their master bedroom.

That’s my boy.

While Cherie took the remote outside to help the remote sober up in the sun, I realized this is how we as Christians act sometimes.

So many of us live our lives without fully embracing all that God offers us in a life found in Him.  We walk around in the dark doing our own thing in our relationships, business dealings, social events, language, and addictions thinking that just because the fans on we are still living the life God wants us too.

After all the light on a fan is just an option not a requirement right?  It’s up to us if we want to use it isn’t it?

We see this in our Christian walk too.

  • I don’t have to stop smoking pot because God never specifically said we couldn’t right?
  • I can get divorced because what the Bible says about divorce is just a guideline not a rule.
  • There is no need to stop spending my money how I am because I really don’t’ like that part of God’s plan.
  • The language I use isn’t a big deal.  After all I’m just being relevant!

In essence, we are taking the life God designed for us and choosing not to use it how the Designer intended.  We are using the fan, but never turning on the light.

Sadly, we are missing out on so much by doing taking this approach.   We may have a nicely pressed Christian coating on the outside, but on the inside we are slowly dying from the sin we are still choosing.

Embrace all the “features” that God has designed for you to experience by being a follower of Christ and stop living in the dark.  Flip the light on and start living!


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