True Confession of a First Time Dad: My Daughter Said “Shut Up”

So there we were having a great breakfast at a new French bistro we found in Lombard when it happened.  My almost 2 year old daughter said “Shut Up” as clear as a bell.

To be fair, the French owner was one of those semi-annoying people that are overly excited about kids in general and made a point to be increasingly attentive to how Aniston was doing.  You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. 

It was so bad that Aniston actually put her hands over her eyes thinking that she was hiding from him, which is something Aniston never does with people. 

So, after about the 6th time of him coming over to us and then walking away she said clearly and slowly…Shut…Up.

I looked at Cherie and she looked at me.  We both had our mouths open like a cartoon dog seeing a juicy steak, but sadly we weren’t drooling over the food, rather we were shocked at what Aniston had just said.

We quickly corrected her while racking our brains to think back to the time someone said or we said that phrase with her ears around.   All the while she continued to say…Shut…Up.  As if she was refining her pronunciation so there would be no question at what she was trying to say.  

Cherie and I felt like the woman that forgets to turn her phone off in church and then when it starts ringing to “Too Legit to Quit” has to rummage through her oversized fashion purse to find it.  We couldn’t turn her off for the life us!  Shut…Up.

Sometimes we do that in life to don’t we?  We just do things, say things, or believe things because that’s what we heard or experienced.  We never take the time to investigate it for ourselves. 

I clearly remember my grandmother using racial slurs in public conversations not thinking anything of it because that’s how she was brought up.  Grandma Hunt is awesome and is the sweetest lady ever, but that was her environment.  Aniston doesn’t know what Shut Up really means, but because somehow she heard it she just says it. 

That can be very dangerous when we apply this to the Christian life.  If we passively walk through our lives believing what our friends, parents, siblings, co-workers, even preachers say about Christ we run the risk of believing something not written in the pages of Scripture. 

1 John 4:1 tells us “do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

If we aren’t careful and test the things we hear we may find ourselves buying “holy water” from a guy in a bad toupee on TV thinking it will heal our cholesterol problem.  There are all kinds of people that want you to believe all kinds of things except the Truth of Jesus.

We have to be willing to not accept what people say about Jesus or Christianity at face value, but be willing to put the hard work into investigating for ourselves.  But at the end of our search we also need to be mature and ok with the Truth.  Even if that means we admit we are wrong or, heaven forbid, need to make a change in our lives. 

I wouldn’t be a responsible parent if I let Aniston just tell people to “Shut Up” all day because that’s what she heard someone else say.  I need to correct her to what is right and to what is respectable behavior. 

For those of us that desire to purse Christ, we need to move past what we’ve heard and put into action what is right too.

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