The Bird Nest In My Grill

Welcome to a recent Tuesday morning in the Hunt house.

Hey Bri!

“Yes babe?”

I think you should come down here.

“Why?  What’s up?”

Well, I think birds have made a nest in our grill?

“Come on…You’ve got to be kidding me!”

I’m 8 months pregnant.  I don’t have energy to kid anymore.


Sure enough, my beautiful and intelligent wife was right again.  It appeared that some birds were very interested in renting out the studio apartment grill I had available on my deck.  I think I even saw a Relator Bird with a clipboard and business cards at the entrance.

I quickly realized that a couple of days before the winds had been really bad in the south suburbs of Chicago and my grill cover blew off.  This has happened before, but I’ve never had to evict flying squatters after it happened!

Fearing a “savage” robin would attack me; I let our Golden Retriever Pachino onto the deck first to investigate the problem.  Ok, I actually let Pachino run onto the deck like Disney’s Bolt and scare everything away before I went out, but I was really close behind him…kinda.

Once Pachino gave me the all clear, I lifted the cover to my grill.  What I saw was freaking ridiculous.  It wasn’t a nest at all.  It was a queen sized memory foam bed with fitted sheets, a couple of nightstands, and one of the wall sticker sayings above a sleigh bed frame.  This thing was HUGE!

No joke, this bad boy was 2.5 feet wide and 6 inches thick.  I didn’t take a picture because I’m an idiot, but trust me it was amazing.  It actually took me close to 15 minutes just to clean up all the bird nest mess.

What kept going through my mind was “The cover was only off a couple of days!  How could this much damage be done in 2 stinking days!?  I just wanted to throw a flag on the field and cry “fowl!”  Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Although I thought long and hard about how robin would taste over an open grill, I also couldn’t get off my mind how this is exactly what we do in our spiritual lives.

We all have seasons where the cover of our souls seems to get blown off by something.  It could be fatigue, season of life, a challenge at work, laziness, or just plain getting too busy.  Whatever it is we find ourselves praying less, reading the Bible less, not going to church, or we just simply go to the wrong places.

Regardless of how it happens the reality is that it happens.

Now just because the cover blows off the grill doesn’t mean it isn’t a grill anymore it’s just at more risk for damage.  The same thing is true for us as Christ followers.  We can still be Christians when the cover blows off our souls, but we are just at more risk for damage.

Proverbs 4:23 says “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

What can happen to you and me if we leave the cover off our souls too long is that major damage can be done.  Scripture tells us that it doesn’t take long and it doesn’t take much for Satan to get a claw into your life.  In fact, it only takes a foothold.

If we aren’t careful sin will set up shop inside our hearts and the next thing you know a bird nest of sin is destroying us.  And believe me, the mess it makes takes a long time to clean up and the destruction it causes is far greater than we imagined.

Don’t let your prayer life and time in the Word get replaced by anything.  Don’t lose accountability with other Believers.  Keep coming to your church home so you can be encouraged and challenged.  Be vigilant about what is covering your heart and soul.

Our connection to Christ is only as strong as the effort we place into it so put some effort into it.

Make a point to check the cover of your soul often and get some bungee cords if you need to keep that bad boy down.

Ok, I gotta fly!  🙂

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