Series Preview: Answering the Why’s?

Have you ever wondered why we do what we do as Christians?

I mean have you ever asked yourself questions like these:

* Why does God want us to pray?

* Why do I need to get baptized?

* Why do we take communion?

* Why did Jesus have to die?

Sometimes I think as Christians we swallow these questions deep inside our spirit, fearing we shouldn’t be asking them.  We think if we wonder about these things somehow we have less faith or that we are the dumb kid in the class that will get snickered at because we were the only ones in the dark.

I recently read a book by Pastor J.D. Greear and in it he said something I found encouraging.  Pastor Greear says:

“Faith is not the absence of doubt;

it’s continuing to follow Jesus in the midst of doubt.”

That is so helpful to even me as a pastor because I have questions too!  There are things I struggle with and need to wrestle with and it’s reassuring to know that Jesus is big enough to handle my questions.  He doesn’t have insecurity issues like I do that would make him bristle at the thought of someone questioning Him.  After all I’m not denying His divinity I’m simply asking questions in sincerity.

There is a key posture that needs to be taken however when asking these questions.  It’s a posture that leans in to find answers, but doesn’t stop moving as you do.  In other words don’t stop following Jesus and what you know you should be doing while looking for the answers.

As any good medical professional will tell you the key to recovery is actually movement.  Movement that gets you up out of bed, walking around, moving the blood throughout your body to promote circulation.  Without it you become stagnate, stiff, and actually more sick.  Your recovery and growth takes longer.

In the spiritual sense without movement forward you also can become stiff and stagnate.  If we linger in the questions of Why  too long by placing our heads down in consumption of answers we are sure to become constipated.  We will have a soul full of facts and no action to accompany them which leads to Spiritually Obesity.

Make sure that as you look for the Why you also pursue the What.  In other words, what am I doing with what I know and what am I doing with what I’m learning.  I think that if we place action alongside acquisition we will deepen our relationship with Jesus while satisfying our need for answers.

So, I want to take a few blogs to tackle and answer some of these questions that many of us have or will have.  I’m looking forward to inviting some guest writers to speak into the conversation so you will get to hear other voices.  I pray that this will be a profitable time for us all and one that brings Glory to God.

My deepest desire is that as we answer the Why it only brings us closer to the Who, Jesus Christ, every time.


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