Seeking Wisdom – Proverbs 21: Trying To Automate God’s System

“There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan

that can succeed against The Lord.”

– Proverbs 21:30

My best friend and I used to work landscaping together when we were in college.  It was seriously some of the most fun I’ve had in my life because any time Robb and I get together we always had a blast.  There was never a problem with a hard project or crummy job with us because if we did it together we found a way to have fun and knock it out.

One of our classic sayings on the job site was “let’s automate the system” which meant we gotta find an easier way to do this job.  We once “trailered” my Jeep on the back of a flatbed so we didn’t have to drive separate, we changed seats from driver to passenger on the fly so we didn’t have to stop driving, and I’m pretty sure we used a Dewalt drill for everything from opening pop cans to unscrewing eyeglass screws.

Berg-Man and I would “automate the system” with everything and anything possible including deciding to trench sprinkler system pipe with the 5′ wide bucket of a Bobcat and not the 8″ trenching shovel we were supposed to.   Needless to say we got the job done, but the lawn…well…let’s just say it didn’t look completely “normal” when we were done.

I know I still try to do that in my life today.

I’ll try to find easier ways to do all kinds of things so I get them done quicker or get them over with.  Yet, nearly every time I do things my way it will take me twice as long than if I would have just followed the directions from the beginning.

The same can be said about God’s wisdom.

Pursuing the wisdom of God is a process that occurs over time and can’t be microwaved.  Trying to expedite the processes of knowing God or discovering His will in your life will only slow your spiritual growth down causing you more and more frustration along the way.

However, we can also derail the progress of knowing God by our sin.  Our sin screams in the face of God “our way is better than Yours” which will always drag us back to our knees.  Trying to “automate the system” in a way that places our desires ahead of God’s creates an arrogant relationship that demands everything of God and requires nothing of me.

Plain and simple, a plan that is not from God is a plan that is against God.

The only way to find the wisdom we desire in our life and the direction we need from God is to crumple up our best made plans and flush them.  We need to stop trying to match wits with the Creator of the Universe and interjecting our suggestions to his holiness and humbly follow.

The sooner we are able to start following His plan the quicker we will stop jacking up our life.  It’s time to stop going back to the drawing board after another failed marriage, another hangover, another shameful walk back to your car after another one night stand and it’s time to start sprinting to God’s plan.

There is no time like the present to stop failing at this life God has given you and start succeeding at it by being wise enough to see God’s plan is far better than ours ever will be.

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