Seeking Wisdom: Proverbs 20 – Sinful Heart Disease

From the very beginning of Proverbs Solomon taught us that “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”.  However, as we refine our search for wisdom upon a Godly foundation we also have to realize that seeking wisdom also means we must stop lying to ourselves.

I so often see people traveling down a path of sin and destruction lying to themselves with every step.  It’s amazing to hear people’s self-justification for why they need to keep doing what they are doing.

Sin has a way of grabbing hold of our soul in way that makes us do or say things we normally never would. It clouds our thinking and reasoning in such a profound way that we literally are not in our right mind.  We fail to think like God wants us to, and we instead ignore Him to follow our heart.

It’s this heart that beats for happiness and self gratification at all costs.

Solomon profoundly says in Proverbs 20:5

The purpose of a mans heart are deep waters,

but a man of understanding draws them out.

I’ve found the deeper you dive into the sinful heart of man the more and more darkness you discover.  The more self-justified it becomes.  The more and more lost it really is.

My apologies to the American Heart Association, but I believe sin is truly the number one cause of heart disease in our world.

Can you resonate with any of these heart patients?

  • Patient #1:  A young, mid-30‘s man with a great future ahead of him.  He comes from a good home, has a good job, and even has some friends he’d call close.  Everyone likes to be around him and by the looks of it he has it all together.  But what hides deep in his heart is that alcohol is his god.  He will say he only does it socially with friends, but the truth is that he can’t make it to lunch without a drink.  He will self-justify that it’s good for his body and that he’s got it under control, but deep down he knows that this sin train is traveling so fast he can’t stop it and it’s destined to derail his life.
  • Patient #2:  A wife and mother of three sits in her comfortable suburban home looking out the back window sipping coffee.  Opening the back door, she lets the dog inside before getting ready to go to the gym.  She’s always loved working out and with the kids in school she is free to take her time now without rushing.  However this time it’s not just working out she’s rushing to get to, but Craig.  You see Craig is a guy she met at the gym and he says all the right things to fill in all the gaps in her life her heart says are missing.  If you ask her it’s only an innocent friendship, but deep down she is about to throw away her entire life for the fleeting affections of a man who will treat her like a used Kleenex once he gets what he wants.
  • Patient #3:  A middle-aged man kisses his wife and son good-bye before hopping in the company truck.  For the last 15 years he’s taken this ride to work, but the other day his boss pulled him into the office with some news.  Despite the tough economy things have been good where he works and they want to promote him.  As he outlines the new position, the man realizes that this new position will require more time away from home and possibly even being out-of- town over the weekend.  It doesn’t take long to realize that he won’t be able to coach his son’s soccer team anymore and may even mean waiting to have another baby.  He shakes off the feelings quickly so as to not to be distracted and signs the new contract without discussing it with his wife.  His heart tells him he just did the best thing for his family because he’s able to provide for them better.  What his heart didn’t tell him is that it may be more money but it will be far less of him that his family gets.

So many of us will read these situations and say “Come on man how can you not see how crazy this is!”, but the reality is that when you heart is infected with sin this happens all the time.

The cure for disease is not exercise or even eating better, but rather trusting God and seeking His wisdom in our life.  When we stop lying to ourselves about our sin and start being truthful with what God has designed for us to be doing, we start to gain traction in our faith.

We start to gain wisdom that is sure to cure our heart and our soul in the process.

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