Seeking Wisdom: Looking Beyond Our Comfort Zone

Isn’t it funny who we listen to?

If you really sit back and think about it, the people we respect, take advice from, and even surround ourselves with tell us a lot about who we are as people.  They usually look like us, dress like us, hobby like us, and live much of their lives like us.

In most cases this is AWESOME.  We all desperately need that connection with one another.  We need people we can relate to and can live life amongst.  This is completely God’s plan.

But, there is a problem…

If we are surrounded by people like us, then when we are going through troubles or need direction we will most likely hear the things we would normally tell ourselves.  The voice of wisdom and reason we receive will probably be exactly what we WANT to hear, not what we NEED to hear.

So what’s the solution?

Proverbs 9:6 says “Leave you simple ways and you will live; walk in the way of understanding.”

The solution is to surround yourself with Godly men and women who may not exactly look like you, think like you, or live life like you.  It means leaving our simple, comfortable ways of thinking behind to search for a greater understanding.  By diversifying where we gain our knowledge from and being open when we receive guidance, we will expand our portfolio of wisdom to new levels.

However, the hard part will be what you do with what you hear.

Will you embrace this new outlook with open arms or will you put your fingers in your ears until your “real friends” come back?

Will you believe that truth can come in all shapes and sizes or will you keep your worldview so small that you can easily put it in your pocket never letting it get too big?

I’m going to encourage you to embrace wisdom outside of your comfort zone in this next series of blogs.  I’m asking you and I to listen to the words of God spoken through the writers of Proverbs.

Fight the urge to think of these as just poetic lines meant for fortune cookies.  Consider them with more weight and more openness to allow these inspired writers words to change you.

I’d encourage you to stick with me on this journey in search of wisdom beyond our comfort zones.  Try to memorize the verses we look at and commit them to your spirit in a meaningful way.  I know that I’m hoping to see God penetrate some calloused areas in my character and spirit and fill those wounds with His love and direction.

Join me over then next few weeks as we look to Seek Wisdom through this journey through Proverbs.

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