Put Your Nets Back In The Water

I shared this thought with the Lockport Campus this past weekend as we talked about Jesus’ command to “Do Not Divorce”.   I thought it may be helpful to share with you too.


In Luke 5 Jesus once again is gaining a large crowd of followers as He teaches.  The crowd had become so large and so intense to hear every word He was saying that they began to “press in” Scripture tell us.

Looking around for a way to be able to continue teaching, Jesus notices 2 docked fishing boats and the fishermen cleaning their nets.  He approaches one of them named Simon (Peter) and asks him if it would be alright to preach from his boat.  Simon agrees and he pushes the boat back a little ways from shore to allow Jesus to continue preaching.

When He finishes, Jesus turns to Simon and says, Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.”  Luke 5:4

Simon replies, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything.” Luke 5:5a

Simon was a fisherman.  It was his job if you remember, when Jesus was looking around for a place to preach He had noticed men were washing their nets” (Luke 5:2b) by the boats that were docked.  This meant the men were done fishing and cleaning the nets was a sign they hoped tomorrow would be a better day.  Simon knew when the fish were biting and today was not that day.

His response to Jesus was a gentle reminder of who the fisherman was and who the teacher was in this conversation.  In essence Simon is saying,

“Jesus I know about fishing and you know about teaching.  As a fisherman, I know when to drop the nets, when to reel them in, and also when to call it quites.  Jesus, thank you for your offer to help, but You stick to teaching and I’ll stick to fishing.”

This is exactly what we say to Jesus when it comes to our lives.

  • Jesus, you don’t know what he’s done to me.
  • Jesus, you don’t see the pain she has caused our family.
  • Jesus, you aren’t here when the drinking begins.
  • Jesus, you couldn’t possible know what it’s like to live with that woman.
  • Jesus you worry about “God stuff” and I’ll try to figure out this relationship.

We make sure that Jesus stays in His place and we stay in our place.  He couldn’t possible understand why we feel the way we do or know what is going on so we just tell him to butt out of certain areas of our lives.

Fortunately Simon goes on.

He says, But because you say so, I will let down my nets.  When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.” Luke 5:6

You see Jesus quickly says, “Oh I know a little bit about fishing.  In fact I know a lot about fishing.  I’m the one that created fish!  I’m the ones that created the trees that made the boat that now floats on water that lets you even able to fish!  I’m the one that gave you the ability to fish at all Simon and I’m the one that if you trust me will fill your nets with such a blessing you can’t even contain it all!”

Jesus can do the same thing for you. He can heal your marriage, He can get you through your addiction, He can make beauty from ashes, but you have to be willing to put your nets back in the water and Trust Him.

No, this doesn’t mean you will grow back hair or have money magically show up under your pillow.  He’s not the tooth fairy, but He is the God that loves it when His children listen to his voice, trust Him, and follow His direction.

Don’t be so naïve to think that you somehow know more about you than God does.  Must I remind you and I that He created us so know one knows us better than Him!

So stop cleaning your nets and giving up.  Throw them back in the water and trust that God will honor your faithfulness and do a miracle in your relationships too.

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