Osama Bin Laden, Charlie Sheen, and the Royal Wedding

Question:  What do Osama Bin Laden, Charlie Sheen, and the Royal Wedding all have in common?

Answer:  In less than 30 days they will all be yesterday’s news and we will not even think about them anymore. 

The most recent to all of us is the death of Osama Bin Laden.

By now the entire universe has heard that the notorious terrorist Bin Laden has been killed and has made his way to his eternal next stop.  I’ve heard such a wide reaction to this historic moment that it makes a guy’s head spin. 

I too seem torn on what reaction to have.  I clearly remember the where, what, and when of September 11 and the myriad of emotions I felt.  Years to come I will also remember where I was when I heard about Osama being killed and the mix of emotions that welled up in me yet again. 

But, as I was mentally and emotionally wrestling with myself I realized something. 

Just because Bin Laden is dead all evil isn’t.  His death didn’t end sin.  It didn’t mark the end of lying, cheating, stealing, abuse, rape, drive by shootings, or government cover-ups.  Just because one evil man has left this planet doesn’t mean that the fracture caused by sin has been healed. 

Then it clicked. 

We still need grace, we still need mercy, we still need hope, and we still need salvation.  It clicked because we still need Jesus. 

In less than 30 days we will move on with our lives and Osama will blow over just like Charlie Sheen and the royal wedding.   We will move on with our lives until the next jolt to our cultural system happens and then we will react and adapt again.

The one and only life-changing, world-changing, soul-changing moment that will eternally affect us all is the return of Jesus Christ.  It is then that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord.  It is then that evil will be eradicated.  It is then we will find peace.  It is then that God will say enough is enough and make everything as it should be.

Until then, one terrorist wiped off the planet is the equivalent of a French fry crumb being swept off my napkin at Red Robin.  They are a dime a dozen and after awhile no one cares any more. 

The beauty in all of  this is that Jesus hasn’t returned, which shows us just how much He cares.  His patience and restraint to those that have not yet accepted Him as Lord shows me that we aren’t a french fry crumb on a table to Him or an over priced royal wedding hat.  We are prized and worth waiting for despite our sinful ways.

So my focus is not on who has passed away, but Who is alive and coming soon. 

Because when Christ returns there will be no question and it will be unforgettable! 

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