Let The Story Begin

Well to all my Parkview Christian Church readers out there this is an exciting week for us as a church.  Beginning this Saturday September 22 we begin a 31-week journey together that is sure to radically change us all.

It’s a journey that all of us have wanted to take but some have never seemed to have the time, focus, or endurance to do it.  Walking this road means we learn the truth about what we “thought”.  It means we see the good with the bad and the ugly about who we really are.  And it has the potential for the question of “what’s that mean?” to be replaced with the statement “I get that now.”

Choosing to take this journey will change our life because what we are about to embark on is walking through one of the greatest gifts God ever gave us.

The Bible.

That’s right for the next 31 weeks we as a church will be travelling through the entire Bible using Randy Frazee’s The Story as our guide.  This book is a tremendous tool as it threads the pages of Scripture into a wonderful narrative while respecting the Text through utilization of the NIV translation of the Bible.  Gone are the stale interactions you may have had in the past with God’s Word and replace that with a page turning experience you won’t want to put down.

Even if you don’t attend Parkview as your home church I’d invite you to join the journey with us.  You can get the book from Amazon or iBooks and simply read a chapter a week.  Pastor Tim and the rest of us on the preaching team will be teaching on that week’s reading over the weekend.   You can follow along by siply watching them on our Media Player tab.  Then, jump into small group or discuss with your family the questions located in the back of the book or in the Small Group guide.  Believe me the more you interact with what you are reading and hearing the more it will impact your life.

So just to be clear here is the plan each week:

  1. Read:  Read 1 Chapter a week from The Story
  2. Attend:  Attend a Parkview service either in person or on the web.
  3. Discuss:  Discuss what you’ve heard and read in a small group, with your family, or with a group of friends.

It’s that simple!!!

Now, before our journey begins and we extend our foot into virgin soil I’m reminded of the words of the men walking on the road to Emmaus.   After being taught the Scriptures by the resurrected Jesus Christ they say these words to each other in Luke 24:32

“Were not our hearts burning within us while he

talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”


That is my prayer for all of us as we open God’s Word together.

I pray that with every page turn we allow the reality that the entire Bible is about Jesus and as we learn more about Him our hearts will begin to burn with a desire to know Him more.

Don’t miss this life changing opportunity to let The Story of God come alive to you.


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