I’m Lazy And My Armrest Agrees

As I got into my truck the other morning I noticed something in my backseat.  It was gray, leather, had a post sticking out of it one side, and I’m pretty sure had about 1” of dust on it.  It was the armrest to the passenger seat and after a quick calculation I realized it had been there about 2 years.

You see two years ago my truck “only” had 200,000 miles on it, but the leather on the armrest had worn out so I got it repaired.  However, at the time the person who repaired it didn’t have a pin that was needed to reattach it to the seat.  So, he was kind enough to give me a card for a business near me that could reattach it.  I told him thank you and then put the business card in the drink holder of my truck.

Soon the card got in the way of my coffee so I moved it to my change holder right by it.  Then I had nowhere for my wallet so I moved it to the inside of my center console.  Then it fell into the recesses of that console to never be seen again and to join all the lost socks, toys, and buttons in the world that seem to have fallen into the same mysterious vortex.

So when I look at my armrest flopping around in the backseat, I could easily blame it on the card for not reminding me.  I mean that was it’s job right!?  It was supposed to spur me on and force me to call that person on the other side of the number, but now it has abandoned me to shuffle through life with passengers uncomfortable and without rest for their arms.

Let me take a second to wipe the sarcasm off your screen before I continue.  There.  Better.

Of course that is a bunch of garbage.  The reason the seat isn’t fixed is because I flat out didn’t call the guy.  It’s not fixed because I gave every excuse possible for not driving over there and making an appointment.

It’s not fixed because I am lazy!

(At this point my wife will be standing up from the computer and yelling “AMEN!” I’m sure.)

I wish I could say that my laziness was confined to this annoying seat malfunction, but I can’t.  This sloth like behavior seeps into a lot of my world and even into my spiritual walk.  I don’t pray like I should, memorize verses well, and I don’t always feel joyful when I give.  In fact some times I’m a down right cranky giver!

Can anyone relate our there?

Are you lazy sometimes in your spiritual walk?

  • Do you find yourself saying “No” to God and “Yes” to everything else because everything else seems easier?
  • Have you been putting off really following Christ because it looks like too much work?
  • Are your kids more spiritually fed right now than you because you justify it by saying “I want them to know God” when in reality you are too lazy to work at it yourself?

I know I can answer yes to some of these and I’m pretty sure you can too.

The encouragement that we have is that Jesus isn’t lazy.

Jesus is in a never-ending pursuit of us and is able to point to the cross as His proof.  An empty tomb shows us His work isn’t finished and, as the writer of Hebrews tells us we should  “Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” Hebrews 12:3

We should never grow tired or weary or lazy in our pursuit of Christ because when we do WE miss out.  It is OUR loss when we stop running the race God has set for us and as a result miss out on the life God intended for us.

So as we look in the back seat of our life and see that “spiritual arm rest” flopping around back there perfectly ready to get locked into place, I encourage you and me to stop what we are doing and get reconnected with God.

Trust me, more than your arm will thank you!

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