God In A Box

God Box


Wrestling with questions and searching for real answers

We enter through church doors hoping for more than just banter.

If luck would have it to find a church that’s still living

A place filled with broken down sinners even singing.

A place where the Gospel is for the poor and the rich

And sin is still sin but is crossed by God’s Bridge.

It’s then we hear clearly the wrong and the right

Accept His promise of Grace and a fully lived life.

But when the last hand is shaken and smile is contrived

We walk out those doors and drive off in the night.

We drive away quickly because life hasn’t stopped

And whether we know it or not we left God in the box.

What is truest and sad about the God left behind

Is He is the one that can make our tangled life unwind.

We tell Him to stay put and say we’ll be back

Cuz next week we’ll see Him with more sin to unpack.

But what if our life was more than just breaths

Had journeys, lessons, skinned knees like the rest?

And what if this life left more than a taste

Of who God was and how we relate?

Would it matter enough to pause the tic tock of life

Stop, our chaos to see what it’s like?

And if we did find that moment to exhale and breathe

Could our heart handle learning what true beating can feel?

See we’ve trained our simple minds and complex souls

To push on through life’s pain and wintery snows.

But if we ever were brave enough to let God out of that box

We will find there’s a life to fill us that not even Satan can stop.

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