Fixn’ To Get A Texa-Cali Accent

When I was at a conference in Dallas, I had a chance to watch a baseball game at The Ballpark In Arlington home of the Texas Rangers.  As with everything in Texas, the park was bigger and more audacious than necessary, but it was BEAUTIFUL.

I had a great time eating bacon wrapped hotdogs (yes you read that right), getting souvenirs for my kids, and talking to all the people around us.  Oddly enough which wherever I go I seem to talk to people (shocking I know), but our new Southern friends were really cool.  They were very kind and seemed overly interested to talk to a group of Chicago pastors out “in the wild”.

The family behind us was taking their mom out for her first baseball game ever and she was having a blast.  I swapped parenting war stories with the daughter who had a little boy and girl about the same age as Aniston and Easton.  Nothing seems to bond people together like potty training 2-year-old stories for some reason.

The group of ladies in front of us was super fun too.  We learned that the Cub infection had spread coast-to-coast.  Apparently one of their dads growing up listening to Harry Carry from California, but don’t worry we prayed for her before we left.  🙂

It was my California transplant that intrigued me the most.   She had a thick southern accent now and I had to ask how long it took her to get it.  She said, “Not long at all!  It just seemed to come naturally moved down here and now when I go back to California they make fun of my ‘Y’all’s’ and ‘Fixin’’ comments.”

It got me to thinking about how that is so true in our spiritual life.  When we decide to leave our old life of sin and replace it with the Grace of Jesus stuff changes.

I guess you can say we get a new accent.

You see when we meet Jesus, things we used to say, do, believe, act like, or even think don’t seem to fit anymore.  Our lives change as we start to follow Christ closer and realize the new life He has waiting for us in a relationship with Him.

Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

Our lives HAVE TO CHANGE after we understand what Jesus did for us and we must start to take on the accent of Who we are around.  This may mean people you hung out with or know in your old life may not “get it” or even make fun of you, but just tell them you can’t help it.

After all, Y’all are just fixin’ to follow Jesus!


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