Are You A Drama Addict?

We all know people that seem to be magnets for drama.

Then there are people who seem to be a galaxy sucking drama black hole.

So often when we come in contact with these people and they start unpacking their stories we need a minute to lift our jaws off the ground as the amount of “stuff” they unpack hits the floor.

I know I’ve found myself asking the “How can all that happen to one person?”  The knee jerk reaction is to feel deep sympathy and to try and help in even just one of the areas if we can.

However, I’ve found that some of these people thrive on drama in their lives and arguably live for it.  When a little bit of drama leaves it is quickly backfilled in with another life sitcom so that angst and stress has somewhere else to go.

To be clear, I’m not talking about unexpected life crisis like major illness.  No one asks to get cancer, be bed ridden, get fired from a job, or to lose a loved one.   I’m not counting that in the drama I’m referring too.  Difficult times are bound to happen and we won’t see them coming.  We trust God to see us through these times of challenge test.

A drama addiction as far different.

I believe 98% of the drama in our lives can be avoided if we follow God’s way and not ours.  As Christians,  we need to choose to live out what we believe and start making smart, cycle breaking, madness inoculating, drama free decisions in our lives.

However, a drama addiction is not a new phenomenon.  Ultimately the dysfunction and fracture in our world is caused by sin that we commit.  God’s original design was drama free, but we needed to spice it up a bit I guess.   The Old Testament is riddled with stories of God’s people choosing their way instead of God’s way and the wave of drama that follows those decisions is epic.  Sadly most, if not all, of these could have been avoided if they just followed God’s direction.

Understand, the reason these stories are recorded  in the Bible are not so we can compare sob stories, but to learn form the mistakes of these men, women, and nations.  They have been given to us so we can avoid the dramatic events in our life and live in the peace God intended.

Over the next few blogs I’d like to unpack some of these warning signs and possible solutions to drama in your life.  For the ones prone to drama I’d ask that you put your defense shield down and actually consider if these could be you.  For those that think that you are drama free take a read, and use these as preventative medicine to avoid an outbreak of drama in your life.

Just remember, God’s desire is for us to direct all of attention and energy to a relationship with Him in all facets of our life.  Satan’s job is far easier.  It is simply to get us distracted, frustrated, stressed out, and fatigued with enough stuff to lose focus on God.

Don’t let a Life a drama suck the life out of you!

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