An Easter Prayer Of Preparation


Please join me today in a moment of reflection in preparation for this upcoming Easter weekend.

Father God,

You are the Maker of both the heavens and the earth.  

You are the Creator of all that I see and the breath that I breathe.  

In You is found the origin and summation of every good and perfect gift I have or ever will have in my lifetime.

Beyond the stretches of time, Mighty God, you are The One that…

Thought of me.

Created me.

Wired me.

Loved me.

But Father despite your love for me I have chosen other things to steal my focus, my attention, my worship.  I have sinned against you in word, deed, and thought by making other things more important than You.  I have willingly chosen to go against what I know is written in your Word and have decided to turn down my own path.  

This path has led me to destruction time and time again as You well know.  And although I may pretend that I’m ok with what I’m doing…I’m not.  I am broken, hopeless, and alone without you.

But as You always do, you never give up on me.

You demonstrated this Truth through your Son Jesus.  I thank you that you sent Him to Earth, to live among us, in our shoes, in our pain, and in our temptation.  His relatability is what gives Him viability and vitality to my soul.  Through His death, burial, and resurrection my soul can once again find the rest and peace you designed it to have.

Thank you Lord Jesus for enduring the cross and experiencing not only death, but separation from your Father so that I may never feel that pain.  Thank you for not giving up on me, but showing patience in my unbelief and moments of weakness.  Thank you for allowing me to doubt and for being big enough for my questions.  Thank you for your love that is so big and so wide, but yet is only found fully when we follow how you’ve called us to live.

Father God thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit for his counseling, guidance, and prompting in my life.  May He continue to convict me of sin, challenge me to follow you closer, and encourage me to live more boldly for You.

Finally Father as I approach this weekend called Easter and remember your most amazing gift to us, please help me fully appreciate what you did.  Search my heart and tear away anything that is of me and replace it with all that is You.  Please do not let me go through the motions any more, but help me apply what I know to be true despite the challenges this world will bring me.  

Forgive me of my sin and renew me with your Spirit once more.  Help me to not to be caught up in the commercialization of this day, but to be overwhelmed by Jesus’ justification for my sin.

Thank you Father.

Thank you Father.

Thank you Father.

In the precious Name of Jesus I pray,


Be blessed my friends.



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