A Special Message For Evil


Come here. No really, come here.

I’ve got something to tell you.

Lean in close and pay attention, because I’m only going to say this once:

You think you’re winning don’t you?

You think because you took another dark swing at the unaware and innocent—letting panic and fear rush in—that you are winning.

Well, I need to set the record straight.

Yes, you may have a couple notches in your belt from weak-minded terrorists, heartless doctors, and minions with low self-esteems and daddy complexes. Sure you’ve caused kid’s to become fatherless, addictions to tear families apart, and divorce to run rampant. Abuse, human trafficking, obesity, disease, and depression all find comfort in your arms. Rape, murder, lying, cheating, and abortion all call you father. To some it may seem like you’ve done some serious damage to the goodness in this world, but you need to know something.

You will NEVER win.

You are a loser.

The most aggressive swing you can take at us is only a flaying arm of defeat as you writhe around on your back. You have no chance. You have no hope. You will ALWAYS be stomped out.

Why, you may chuckle?

I’m glad you asked.

Because darkness may grow, clouds may billow, and storms may come. The haze can fall and the temperature rise. Questions may swirl and confusion may settle in. Battle lines may be set and swords may be drawn.


Up in the distance you should hear a familiar sound. It’s the sound of thunder and you know He’s coming for you. He’s riding a white horse, wearing a white robe dipped in blood. He charges towards you and with each stride the tattoo on His thigh comes more and more into focus. “King of King and Lord of Lords is etched in His flesh and His eyes blaze with fire. His sword dwarfs anything you could ever imagine and it will cut deep into your very being. The battle scars on His feet and hands show He’s no stranger to a fight and not a punk. Oh, and He’s not alone. He leads an endless army of soldiers prepared to fight to the very death for Him and Him alone.

But, You know how this ends.

You’ve been here before.

Evil…it’s time you understand once and for all:

You are no match for our God.

He has and will always be victorious. A thread of His light obliterates your darkest dark. A whiff of His breath creates out of nothing and his very touch heals anything. He uses the weakest of the weak to shame the strongest of your strong. He is laser locked on one target and you are that one and only target.

But you know all this!

You’ve even tried to get rid of him with your very best shot through death. But by killing Him you made Him even stronger. Oh, and did you forget, it only took three days for Him to shrug that off.

He’s left you impotent, useless, and vulnerable.

You are on the run, by yourself, and in the open.

Sure you may still have time to do a little more damage—which you will—but your days are numbered.  Just know that when your time runs out my God is going to stomp a mud hole in you.

So here is what we promise we will do…

We will fight and not turn away

We will live and not be afraid.

We will focus on our mission

To love without condition.

In all we do we will seek His face

Because in Him we find our peace.

So limp away, evil, and lick your wounds.

For we stand together unfazed by you.

I will say it one last time.

Hear me loud and clear:

Evil, go back in your hole,

Because your end is very near.

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