A Prayer For The School Year

As most students head back to school I wanted to take a moment and pray for them and perhaps for my fellow parents too.


Mighty God and Father, 

Thank you for the breath of life you have given us today and the chance to live this day for You.  We don’t take for granted the talents, gifts, and opportunities You have allowed us to have and we pray we are able to use them to Glorify You in all that we do.

Father, as we send our children back to school we do so with mixed emotions.  We are thankful for the months of rest and vacation we’ve had, but we also know that its end is a good thing.  Every year we send them off back to school we are encouraging them to work hard, learn much, and live a life full of Your love.  We take this time Lord to lift up this school year to You and ask Your hand be on it.

Lord as they walk in the hallways and are guided to their classrooms we pray Your hand be on the very building they reside.  Surround it with you angels and allow no evil to come upon the teachers, staff, or students.  May it be a place of refuge and enjoyment every minute they are within those walls.

Mighty God, be with the teachers and let them teach with clear minds and heart’s of integrity teach towards our children.  Be with their families that they leave behind each day to teach our children.  May they be guided by Your hand and Your thoughts so that regardless of subject taught our children may be amazed at the world You have created.

Father, allow our children’s minds to think clearly and be focused on what is being taught.  May their attention not be swayed what other’s may think or the things they don’t have, but completely at peace knowing we love them and so do You. 

Holy Spirit fill our children to capacity with your encouragement and love that no words or miss guided children can effect them.  Allow them to filter everything they hear through the truth of Your love and be confident in who they are in You.

Let them work hard, have fun, and enjoy being with friends this year Lord.  May this year be the most peaceful and productive year they have ever experienced.  And allow Your love to shine through them so much that others around them desire to know what it is they have in their life.  In that moment may they be confident in their faith and speak confidently of who You are and the love you have for us all.

May every step they take, bus ride the enjoy, or car ride with friends they look forward to be guided by Your Hand and bring them safely back to us each day.   

Lastly Father, be with us as the parents of these blessings you have given us.  May we not hold them too tightly that we crush them or too loosely that we lose them.  Help us find balance in loving and leading, but through all the hills and valleys we encounter may we enjoy the ride it is to be a parent.

We humbly thank you Father for all that You do in our live’s that we see and we don’t see.  Bless our children this school year and beyond as we fall confidently into Your will. 

It is in the matchless name of Jesus Christ we commit all these things.


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