A Call to Pause: A Christmas Prayer

As I type this blog I’ve just finished leading worship at our Lockport Campus.  This was our last service before we begin the marathon Christmas Eve services in a few days.  It was a great time with amazing men and woman of God that I LOVE serving alongside.

I vividly remember looking out at a packed worship center filled with people entering into worship of God.  I could literally feel my soul warm.    I love seeing people let the Holy Spirit grab them and stir something inside.

That will never get old.

What concerns me is what happens when we leave and Tropical Storm Christmas causes wave after wave of distraction to come our way.  How do we keep the worship moments with the Holy Spirit Alive at Christmas?  How do we keep the focus of Christmas on Christ?

I believe it happens in simple conscious decision; a decision to pause.   It’s a moment of conscious reflection before the waves start to crash and the gifts start to be ripped to shreds.

It’s a pause to pray.

Maybe this Christmas you and I both guide our families to pause a moment before the madness begins to say a short prayer thanking God for the gift of Jesus.

If you aren’t a real good “pray-er”, maybe you could use this one.


Dear Mighty God,

Today we celebrate Christmas, but before we open presents, eat food, or hang out with family we want to stop and remember why we are celebrating. 

Lord, we want to thank you for the gift of Jesus today.  A gift You gave the entire world by allowing Your one and only Son to be born as a baby and to live a life amongst Your creation.  We know that You left the beauty of heaven to come to this earth and that alone was a great sacrifice. 

But Jesus, we know that you grew up to be a man and lived a perfect, sinless life.  You were killed on a cross and buried in a tomb for our sins, but raised to life three days later defeating death and sin forever.  You did that for us so that we might have a way back to God and into heaven through Your gift of Grace.

 A gift we don’t deserve, but one You give us freely if we will only accept it. 

Thank You Lord Jesus for this amazing gift. 

Lord God, we want to acknowledge how awesome You are today and how thankful we are for all the things You give us.  Our families, friends, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, jobs, health, food, and even our church are gifts from you.  Thank You for always providing for our every need and for loving us unconditionally. 

May this day be a celebration of You Lord Jesus.

In Your Holy and Powerful Name we pray,



No matter what you do this Christmas, make sure you take time to reflect on why you are celebrating.  It doesn’t have to be long or drawn out, but it should be purposeful.  Begin a new tradition of pause in your home that allows for a spirit of thankfulness to God to fill your home and soul.

I believe then your Christmas will take on a whole new meaning and purpose.

Merry Christmas!!!


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