8 Spiritual Truths I Learned in Africa

Upon returning from Africa for the second year in a row I’ve been overwhelmed with what God is doing in the hearts of the people of Kenya and in the hearts of the American teams we send over.  I wanted to share just 8 Spiritual Truths that I learned over the course of my time in Kenya.

1.  The Word of God Transcends All Boundaries Impacting Those That Hear It.  Race, ethnicity, border, government, or socioeconomic status does not limit God’s Word.  It impacts the souls of those anyone who encounter it.

2.  Powerful, Gospel-driven, African Pastors Are Preaching God’s Word.  There may be a shortage of the number of Christian pastors in the country of Kenya, but the men that we support are doing a tremendous job.  The power and unwavering love of the Gospel is palpable in every message preached.

3.  Kenyan Christians Pray Much Stronger Than We Do.  Prayer to the people of Kenyan is not just a spiritual discipline it is a necessity of life.  They eagerly expect the God of the Universe to supply their needs and pray with the confidence that it will happen in a far greater way than we as Americans every do.

4.  Being A Christian & Following Christ Is A Problem In Africa Too.  Even though I’ve seen powerful men and women of God in our time in Kenya, I have also seen many people claiming to be Christian’s but no fruit to prove it.  Similar to the US, the application and implication of being a fully devoted Christ follower sometimes can be too daunting in the face of the pressures they face.

5.  Health and Wealth Preachers Spit Venom In Kenya Too.  The evil of health and wealth doctrine has permeated the African culture.  Preying on the poorest of the poor, these men and women will preach that with a “little faith” they can leave the slums of the valley and rise to the palaces of the rich.  This evil is so detrimental to the vulnerable people of Africa that I urge us to pray against this type of teaching to protect the good work being done.

6.  Women In Kenya Are Being Empowered.  Over the past two years, I have seen such a tremendous rise in the empowerment of the young woman we come in contact with.  Certainly the teachings of our One Light Self-Defense team have played a role, but more importantly I see God working great things in these girls.

7.  We Need To Empower Africa Not Make Another America.  One of my many failures in thinking going to Africa was that I thought the answer to solving the problems of Africa was to make them American.  Boy was I wrong.  The reality is that we need these Christian men and women to impact Africa to make the best Africa not make another United States.   Or even worse “save” these people we come across by bringing them to the US.  We need Jesus centered people in Africa making a difference for the Kingdom.  If they all come to the US what good is that to Africa?

8.  More Work Needs To Be Done.  God is doing great things in the lives of the people of Africa.  More than ever I feel the presence of God permeating the slums of Kenya but also the lives of the people in them.  However, more work is left to do.

There is such a need for the Living Water that only Christ can provide that we can’t stop our efforts in getting it to the people that want it.

So if you are sitting on your hands at home saying “I wish I could go on a missions trip” or “I am nervous to go out of the country” or “Missions is only for a select group of people” I’d encourage you to reconsider. Before you make up your mind, hit your knees and see what God would say to you.

I believe, that money will be raised, fears will be lifted, and false thinking will be cleared up when you set out resolutely to follow the calling of God.  Consider leaving the comforts of the US for the mission of the work of God.  You’ll never wish you didn’t and He needs more people to spread His truth.



Well that is just off the top of my head.  I’m hoping to share more of what I learned in Africa throughout the next blogs, but I thank you all for your prayers.


God Bless!!!!!


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