5 Ways To Cure A Drama Addiction

I want to finish this look at the rising epidemic of Drama Addiction by encourage us all that there is way out.  There is an antidote.  There is a way to cure to this addiction and we can start taking it today.

Here are 5 Ways To Cure A Drama Addict:

1.    Decide God Is Enough

I cannot over state this enough.  We must find our worth, value, purpose, passion, meaning, direction, fulfillment, hope, and strength in God and God alone.  We don’t need drama.  We don’t need other’s drama.  We need to find the peace that surpasses all understanding.  We need to be caught up in our pursuit and worship of Him so that drama can be seen for what it is.  It is a stupid distraction that keeps us from the fullness of God.

2.    Look At Your Life From 30,000 Feet

The more often we can do this the more we will be able to pick off drama in our life.  Looking at our life at 30,000 feet without inserting emotions, excuses, or justification allows us to subjectively view our reality.  When we do this we are able to see areas of our life that are going great and areas that are just completely out of hand.  It’s those areas that when you enter back into your ground level reality you attack and remove.

 3.    Stop Hanging Around With Dumb People

I say this with all the love I can muster, but it’s the truth.  There are people we hang around with that are oozing drama and they are infecting us by being around them.  This may mean family.  This may mean mom and dad.  This may mean a “good” friend.  I completely believe we need to be salt and light to the world, but if the world we are seasoning is causing us to change and become spoiled we need to get away.  There may be another “salt shaker” out there that is meant to minister to them better than you or I.

4.    Want Better For Your Kids

There is not one parent in the world that doesn’t want better for their children.  If we don’t actively decide to stop the cycle of drama in our familywe are not giving them anything better.  We are giving them the same old hand me down, recycled, broken down, stress filled life we have and that’s not fair.  This may mean moving to a new neighborhood, choosing a different school, getting counseling, getting involved in other activities, but it has to come from YOU and I.  We as parents need to make wise decisions for our kids if we ever hope them to have better.

5.    Prayer For God’s Peace

Any change we desire to have in our life needs to be covered in prayer.  If Jesus often got away from the stress of the crowds to pray we need to do so also.  We need to ask for wisdom, discernment, strength, perseverance, and a humble spirit from God for real change to happen.  Additionally, the prayer we pray must be for bold and gnarly change not just minor surgery.  A drama addiction is a joy robbing addiction that sucks life out of us.  As fervently as we desire drama we must double that intensity when we want God’s peace.  Drama is effortless and always-in stock, but peace is rare and takes effort to achieve.  Pray for peace and attack drama.

Listen, I get it.

Life is full of difficult situations, tough people, hard times, and stress.

I live in the same world you live and I fall into the drama trap too.

What I’ve found is that I am a totally different person when I’m in my addiction then when I’m in God’s peace.

I will be honest.  I hate that person I become and I hope you’d hate him too.

I hate him because when I’m pursuing drama I am out of the will of God and I’m playing right into the hands of the Evil one.  You are too.

We need to be smarter than that because as Christians, we possess a freedom like none other.  Freedom from sin, death, loneliness, separation, and stress because we belong to Jesus.

His life, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension took all our drama so we don’t have to live that way anymore.

So with the strength of Christ, make the decision to kill your drama addiction today and find the peace that only God can give.


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