5 Ways To Avoid A Candy Coated Easter

The time was finally right.

Three days had passed and the promise of the Messiah needed to be fulfilled.  Sitting on the edge of the stony ledge that once held his lifeless body He gathers himself before standing.  He steadies himself for one last journey on these fragile human legs.  He stands to his feet and looks to the stone that blocks his path.  By his command it rolls back and Jesus steps out onto the damp evening ground.

As His human eyes adjust to the light, he couldn’t help but notices small plastic eggs hidden in crevasses and bushes everywhere.  A small rabbit with an oversized basket hops too and fro meticulously placing these oval cases at the height of only children.  In his frantic pace one egg tips over breaking it, but only to reveal it’s actually two plastic halves and inside are brightly wrapped pieces with Cadbury on them.

As he wipes the death defeated sleep from His eyes, Jesus finally realizes what’s going on.  It must be…



I hope you can accept my comical attempt to mesh the Resurrection with the Rabbit, but if we stop to think for a moment this is what we tend to do at Easter.  We’ve literally candy coated much of what we celebrate down to the cross used to murder our Lord and Savior.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a good Easter egg hunt and if I could live on Cadbury eggs for the year I would.  I’m not saying we should burn pictures of the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, and Billy Graham because they don’t read the King James Bible.

But what I’m hoping for us all this year is that we can take a few more minutes to reflect on the real reason for Easter.

Here are 5 quick ways to avoid a Candy Coated Easter this year.

  1. Talk About Jesus:  The reason we celebrate Easter is for Jesus.  The death, burial, and resurrection of Him.  As it simple as it may sound, keep Him at the center of your conversations when Easter comes up in conversation.
  2. Read About Jesus:  Take it upon yourself to read the Bible about what Jesus did for us.  I recommend reading Luke 22-24:12 as good place to start.  It’s also never too late to read through the Easter Devotional we put together at Parkview!  The more we can dive into the Word of God the more we can appreciate his Love for us.
  3. Pray To Jesus:  One of the best ways to refocus back to what is important is through prayer.  Take a few moments leading up to this weekend to stop and thank Jesus for his love and affection toward us and for taking the death we deserved on the cross.
  4. Take Action For Jesus Find a way to tangible show your love of Christ through your actions.  Volunteer to feed the homeless, step up to serve at one of the Easter Services at your church, or reach out to an elderly person to invite them to dinner with you.  Just find ways to become the hands of feet of Christ this year.
  5. Invite People To Meet Jesus:  I know this can seem like a daunting task for many of us, but this time of year makes is so much easier.  It may be as simple as answering this question, “Who have I wanted to invite to church, but haven’t?”  The answer to that question is the person you should invite to church with you this year knowing that Jesus will be presented to them.

Whatever you do, take 5 and remember Jesus this Easter by not getting caught up in the Diabetes-producing trappings as much this year.

Remember how much Jesus loves you!!!!

Happy Weaster! 🙂

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