5 Things Dads Can Do To Serve Their Wives With A New Baby

Being a dad for a second time, I have quickly learned that serving your wife is even more important after the baby comes.  Since I bumped my head a few times along the way with my daughter when it came to helping my wife I decided to do better with our second child.

Now I don’t get it right all the time, but I wanted to pass along a few things that I know have made a difference for Cherie and I.  These are extremely practical, but I’ve learned that simple goes a long way my fatherly friends.

1.  Wash Anything You Can Find:  I really mean it.  If it’s dirty make it not dirty.  Here is a small list of things that could use your muscles and soap of varying kinds:

  • Laundry
  • The kid(s)
  • The dishes
  • Her car
  • Her pumping equipment (don’t be a sissy)
  • The baby bottles
  • The diaper pail (outside with ventilation is recommended)
  • The bathrooms

Serve your wife well.

2.  Get Up At Night:  I don’t care if you and your wife chose to feed the baby in such a way that disqualifies you anatomically or not. Get your booty out of bed.   She may do the feeding, but you can do the burping, rocking, and putting back to bed.  If you are doing bottle feedings, then take a shift even if you are working the next day.  Let her choose the shifts she wants and don’t moan and complain when you get the crummy one.

Serve your wife well.

3.  Let Her Have Time To Herself:  I know what you are thinking.  This means you will have to say no to playing video games, going to a softball game, watching TV, and staying late at work.  Can I tell you a secret?  You are right!  Create time where you are the one that takes the load of the baby and let your wife get her nails done, go to the store, drive around in circles in the Home Depot parking lot.  I don’t care!  Just let her do what she wants to do.

Serve your wife well.

4.  Bite Your Lip Even If You Have To Bite It Off:  You may be right.  Your way could be better.  You may even see Jesus in a taco chip, but don’t say anything unless it encourages your wife.  Why?  Flash back to the room where your child was born.  Remember that?  You didn’t have anything to do with that and it hurt more than you think and so she deserves an extra scoop of grace.  Your wife needs you to love her not fix her.   She needs you to listen not lecture.  She needs you to lighten her load not weigh it down.

Serve your wife well. 

5.  Pray For Her Out Loud:  Can I just tell you a secret?  Moms may look like they have it all together, but inside they are always questioning if they are any good at being a mom.  They need us as husbands to encourage them every second of the day and to pray for them often.  I’ll take it one step further.  They need us to pray out loud for them.  We can say we are praying for them, but they need to hear the words we feel.  They need to know that you are asking God’s protection, guidance, and healing on them.  When you lay your fatigued head down on that pillow and the urge is there to nod off for a couple hours of sleep before your “bundle of joy” alarm clock goes off…pray.  Pray for your wife, for your family, and for God’s grace to cover your home.

Serve your wife well.

Men I will say it straight.  We need to get over ourselves and focus our attention to our wives.  They have need us more than ever as husbands and as fathers, but only we can decided if we want to fulfill those roles well.

Don’t miss out on the blessing it is to serve your wife and to watch her grow into the woman of God you desperately desire.


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