5 Signs You May Be A Drama Addict

As we take a closer look at this drama addiction phenomenon, let’s look at some possible warning signs and symptoms of a drama addict that I’ve noticed.

Here are 5 Signs You May Be A Drama Addict:

 1.    You come from a long line of drama kings/queens in your family

Addiction to drama is usually a learned behavior passed down from one drama filled family to the next.  Since most drama in ones life is avoidable the decision to break the cycle can start with you and your family.

2.    You surround yourself with people that have high drama in their lives.

Misery loves company and dramatic people love other dramatic people.  To use another cliché, birds of a feather do flock together, so if your desire is to reduce drama and increase peace you may want to hang out with a different flock of birds.

 3.    You are always looking for the next bad thing to happen even when things are fine.

One of the saddest things I’ve seen is people that are never optimistic.  It could be the warmest day, framed by the bluest sky, in the middle of a sea of golden retriever puppies and a drama addict will be thinking about sunscreen, global worming, and pooper-scoopers.  Sometimes you have to just enjoy the view and not expect bad things to happen.

4.    Your conversations usually end up talking about other people and comparing your problems to theirs.

Since drama addicts feed off of drama to survive they often look for the endless fountain of drama serum in gossip to get their fix.  If you can’t create drama in your life, drama in other’s lives will do for a while.  My encouragement is to step away from conversations that have no desire for resolution and are focused on self-justification and not sanctification.

5.    Your children have abnormal amounts of drama in their lives.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and that goes for sour apples too.  If you want to gauge whether or not there is a drama addiction in your family look at your kids.  Are their lives peaceful, disciplined, focused, healthy, encouraging?  Do the kids they hang out with, the environment they live in, and the conversations they have laced with drama?  If so, you may be infecting your kids with your dramatic addiction and perpetuating the cycle.

In life we are constantly in the process of change.

Some change makes us better and some change makes us worse.  When you read through these you may feel defensive or even defeated.  Neither response is what God wants from you or I.

God’s desire is that as we look into the mirror of His Word, as James tells us, we should desire to become a little more like Him everyday.  That may mean we need to say no to some things so we say yes to other things.  It may mean we admit some things about our self and repent of them.   That may mean we end relationships that are killing us slowly.  It could mean any number of things.

What God’s Word doesn’t say is “stay the same you are doing just fine”.  In a fallen world full of fallen people this can never be true.

As we look next at the ways to cure our drama addiction, continue to ask God to search your heart.  Ask Him to show you where some of this addiction may true in your world and how you can begin to rid yourself of it as you grow to be more like Him.

Embrace the dramatic change that God wants to do in you and run from the drama that is trying to change you.


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