5 Lies Satan Wants You To Believe About Divorce

One of the most painful things I see as a pastor is families torn apart by divorce.  Being a Christian doesn’t seem to insulate you from the divorce virus either.   50% of all Christian marriages will fall into divorce’s vicious snare this year too and many of them will end because of 5 lies Satan wants you to believe.

Married friends, here are 5 lies Satan will whisper in your ears to get you to call it quits on your marriage.

1.  God Wants Me To Be Happy

Satan wants you to buy into the idea that above anything else your happiness is preeminent.  He wants you to believe that the person at the office, the girl on the screen, or the guy at the gym will provide the “fun” and “happiness” that your spouse isn’t providing.  If you believe this, divorce becomes the means to obtaining the mirage known as happiness.  The truth is divorce will give you anything but happiness.  It will rob you of your joy, peace, trust, and will stain not only your life but your entire family.  Happiness is not found in the lies of Satan.

2.  My Kids Will Be Better Off

Satan wants you to look at your children and believe they would be better off if you and your spouse didn’t fight anymore and lived separately.  He whispers in your ear that if you just get rid of him or her your kids will be less stressed and will thrive!  After all don’t they deserve better?  Sadly we listen to Satan and not our kids.  Ask any kid of divorced parents (excluding abusive situations) and they will tell you the splitting of their home destroyed a piece of them.  “Better off” isn’t a perfect family with no problems it’s a family that stays together despite ups and down.  “Better off” is two parents that fight for their family and don’t bail when things get hard.  “Better off” is setting an example for your children so that they are not scared of relationships for life, but gives them an example to emulate.  “Better off” doesn’t listen to the lies of Satan.

3.  My Spouse Deserves Better

Satan wants you to be a martyr by believing the lie that your spouse deserves better than you.  He will remind you of all your wounds, baggage, and faults and then juxtapose them against what appears to be your spouse’s perfection.  He’ll tap and tap and tap against your spirit until you open the cage door on your marriage so that you can allow your spouse to fly free.  The glaring problem with that logic is that it requires you to have operation of your spouse’s mind, spirit, and decision making.  Somehow you  arrogantly put yourself in charge of what they want and you decide their future for them.  Guess what?  That ain’t your decision to make…that’s 100% theirs.  Grow up and stop listening to the lies of Satan.

4.  Things Will Never Get Better

Satan loves to tell you that your marriage is hopeless and things will never get better.  He will trap you in the darkest corner of the cave of your relationship and have you hold your hand up to your face to show you there is no hope of seeing light.  He wants you to believe that the best has already happened and the future is not bright but dark as night. So why try?  It’s better to just cut your losses, part ways, hit the reset button, and lick your wounds as you limp away.  Hopefully you can heal up enough to grab another Kleenex in the box of life and find a new partner.  One with more hope.  Can I remind you of something?  Life is tough and when you enter into marriage it becomes part of your life so therefore marriage is tough too.  Buck up buttercup and get back in the fight.  Stop making long term decisions for short term problems.  Satan is a pathetic, lying, scum of the earth whose only goal is to rob you of any hope.  Don’t give in to him when God has a light that breaks through all darkness and can sunburn your marriage with His light.

5.  Divorce Isn’t That Big Of A Deal To God

Satan’s biggest lie is that God doesn’t really care that much about your marriage and whether or not it survives.  God has bigger things to worry about than whether or not you and the Mrs last until death do you part.  He has a whole universe to keep from spiraling out of control so why in the world would He care if you leave him for the “greener grass” on the other side of the street?  The problem is that God cares about all the things that He is a part of and that He made.  Marriage is no exception.  He is the bond, the glue, the third strand, the binding force that adheres us to our spouses in good marriages and bad.  It’s a sacred union that God in fact used as the imagery for the relationship of the church on earth and Jesus himself.  Don’t believe the lie of a lonely and hopeless Satan who has no chance of reconciliation with the father.  Instead believe the Truth of the Father who gave His one and only Son not only to save you from your sin, but to save your marriage from anything it’s up against.

So stop listening to the lies of Satan and start listening to the voice of Christ telling you that you CAN make it.  Put the pen down, stop the lawyers, put an end to the finger pointing and embrace the peace found in reconciliation.  Let the God of healing do what He does best.  Heal you.


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