4 Ways To Improve Your Walk With God This Week

I just felt like maybe this week we could all start out very practical.  So often we complicate our walk with God and make up rules and expectations we need to live up to that God never designed.

This week I hope you can follow these 4 simple walk improvement steps to help reconnect and refocus your time with God.


1.  Read About God

1 John has five chapters in it and will give you a directed reading plan for this week.  1 John was written by the disciple Jesus held closest to Him.  Shockingly, his named was John.  John is known for his emphasis and focus on love in his writings, so use this time to read how much God loves you and how much He wants you to show that love to others.


2.  C.H.A.T. With God

We make praying to God way too hard.  Some of us think that if we don’t have the right “Holy words” He won’t hear us.  As if God only communicates with us in King James speak.  Others get stuck not knowing how to pray or what to pray for in their lives.

This week use this simple acronym called *CHAT to direct your prayer time with God.

CConfess your sins to God.  Tell Him where you messed up.

HHonor God.  Give Him praise just for being God and loving you.

AAsk God.   Ask God what is on your heart.

T Thank God.  Thank God for all He’s done.


3.  Be Still With God

Instead of drowning out your drive to and from work with mindless talk radio or music, take a 5 day hiatus from the noise.  Use this time instead to pray, reflect on where you are in life, and think about what God may have in store for you.  Maybe there is something that you’ve been overlooking or avoiding.  You’ll be surprised how much clearer we hear God when we don’t talk.


4.  Talk About God

This week make a point to talk to one friend about God.  You don’t have to make it weird and tell a friend you think they are going to hell because they don’t know Jesus.  In fact, if you do that, I’d encourage you to punch yourself in the head.  But this week, make a point to share something you learned at church, in your 1 John reading, or just something that you noticed about God with a friend.  The NBA draft and Toddlers and Tiaras will still be there next week, so this week take a break and talk about something deeper.

Increasing our relationship with God is far less about available time and much more about choosing to be available.  Each day we need to choose to make God our priority, because God has always made us His #1 priority since the beginning of creation.

The sooner we realize the intensity of the love God has for us the sooner our relationship with Him will grow.

Have a great week!


*CHAT is a Willow Creek model I heard presented during a recent sermon I attended.

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