3 Lies Satan Wants You To Believe About Marriage

Marriage is one of the most powerful and illogical things God created.  Its power is found in two lives being joined as one, by love, through God to live a lifetime together.  Their influence expands exponentially as they become parents, grandparents, and mentors to the next generation of married couples.

The practical reality about marriage is that it brings one broken man and one broken woman together in hopes that each other’s strengths will fill in the cracks of weakness in each other.  That’s why it’s illogical.  Two wrongs don’t make a right, but somehow we naively believe this will happen in our marriages.

Satan thrives for the naive and his lies target that unassuming part of our spirit when it comes to our marriages.  Our battle as couples is to not buy into these 3 lies Satan will try to spring on us.

1. My Spouse Is My Everything

When we get married the greatest underlying lie Satan wants you to believe is that your spouse is your god.  He wants you to put all your hopes, dreams, strength, and faith into them and not your heavenly Father.  If he can get you to do this, you will set your marriage up for the very least difficulty and at most massive failure.  Placing your spouse as the cornerstone of your relationship is setting unreachable expectations and putting them in a position they are unprepared for and unqualified to assume.  Only God can be the rock of your life.  He is the cornerstone by which all things find their strength and stability.  Don’t believe the lies of Satan that your spouse is your everything because those words are coming form the Prince of Nothing.

2.  Now That I’m Married I Can Coast 

Satan will also convince you that getting married is the ultimate goal of your relationship.  He wants you to throttle down and coast for the rest of your married days because after all the dress is gone, the presents are open, and the party is over baby.  Now it’s time for sitting back and living a life of mediocrity like the rest of the world is doing.  God has a different plan.  His plan is for the wedding to be the beginning of your journey together.  In fact I’d go so far as to say that His hope is that as you look back on your marriage that the wedding was actually the worst day of your life!  A marriage is rooted in Christ and pursuing Christ only gets better with age.  It gets more loving, patient, kind, and forgiving which all take effort and work to obtain.  I’m sorry but a marriage bonded by the love of Christ can’t coast, it’s gotta get up and go!  Leave Satan coasting on the side of the road sucking his thumb as he limps through his last days of freedom.

3.  My Spouse Will Fix All My Problems

Getting married doesn’t guarantee you a life mechanic, but Satan wants you to believe it does.  He wants you to believe that in your spouse is found the answers to all of your inadequacies, failures, and annoyances.  That with enough time together and enough proximity to your spouse’s “better life” you will osmotically improve your character, personality, and flagellant control.  Guess what?  Even after a lifetime together you will still stink.  Your spouse is not your life coach, they are your life partner. In a Christ centered relationship you should desire to help each other become more like Christ, not a cleaned up version of yourself.  Don’t try to look into Satan’s mirror to work on your faults.  His image will always look like the ones at the circus as they bend and distort with every move.  It will serve us better to look into the perfect law of Christ and work off of that steady model.  That model doesn’t require self-help, it demands Savior-help.  Let Satan’s lies be the warm blanket he snuggles up with at night and let God be the sustainer and author of your life and marriage.

My friends, marriage is tireless work but it’s worth every drop of sweat.  It provides an opportunity to show Christ in vivid action and it can ripple far beyond anything we can imagine.

It is imperative to not let marriage be less than God designed it to be and also not more than it was meant to be.  God never designed for it simply to be a piece of paper and a tax write off, but he also never designed it to be what defines you as a person.  Marriage was created by God to bring Him glory through the lives of two broken people, bonded as one, following a risen Savior.

If we keep our eyes focused on Jesus while hand in hand with our spouse, we will never have to wonder who we are, where we’re going, or what is important.

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, your souls the property of God, and your foot firmly on the throat of Satan.


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