Cardboard Cutout Family

The other day I was eating at an awesome breakfast joint when I noticed a family sitting at a table near me.  It was a family of six, complete with mom, dad, 2 boys, and 2 girls all of varying ages.  From the outside nothing too shocking there right?  Hang on, the odd part is about to happen. 

Right after the waitress took the orders, here is what everyone did:

Mom:    Picked up her magazine and began to read

Dad:     Picked up his book and began to read

Boy #1:  Put on his MP3 Player and headphones

Boy #2:  Played his PSP with earphones

Girl #1:  Texted on her phone

Girl #2:  Played a leapfrog game

There was ZERO interaction between anyone for the entire time they were at the restaurant including while they ate.  It was really, really sad to me.

To be fair, I’ll be the first to say there are different family dynamics, and not everyone has to go around the table and tell about there day at school, but this seemed all to routine and a bit much. 

Yes, at some point in the near future I’m sure someone will see my family out at a restaurant and write a blog about us.  But, I really hope it isn’t because we are literally not talking at all to each other.  I could see it being about a food fight breaking out that I may or may not have started, but a cardboard cutout dinner?  I hope not!

For me this was an eye opener and created a goal for me to not get to this point in my family. 

Perhaps for you this can be a chance to reevaluate your family interactions.  

Here may be a few things to think about:

  • Dads:  Does your cell phone sit with you at dinner?  (I’m guilty
  • Moms:  How often do you get up during the meal to get something or clean something up?
  • Parents:  Do your kids bring cell phones, MP3 Players, magazines, iPads, or plasma TVs to the table?
  • Husbands:  When you go out to dinner do you position yourself so you can see the TV in the bar? (Guilty again…crud.  Who writes these?)
  • Wives:  How many questions do you ask your husband that you don’t already know the answer too?

I really hope that my family one-day will be the kind that I can lean back at the dinner table and see all kinds of interaction going on.  The spiritual icing on the cake will be hearing about how God has been working in our different lives, but in order to get to that point I think I have to start early.  I have to start creating an environment in my home now where communication is encouraged and not stifled.  Even if that means putting the cell phone away or leaving a few messy dishes on the table while we talk. 

I sure hope you want this for your family too and the best part is I think this is one we all can do.


Sometimes You Just Have To Look Up

I was recently on a silence and solitude retreat for a day and had the chance to walk through the forest preserve on the property.  A small stream about 30 yards wide ran the perimeter of the preserve so I decided to follow the trail near it on one of my hikes. 

After a little while I came upon a slight dip in the stream, which created a small waterfall.  Understand, I do mean small because I don’t think any whitewater rafters are losing sleep trying to get to this location or anything.  But it was a perfect place to stop and just reflect.

As I looked at the waterfall, I was trying to apply what I was seeing to how it might relate to our lives.  I found myself getting caught up in thoughts of how our lives are so much like this stream.  They seem to be going along fine and then things start to speed up.  Sometimes we know the reasons, but other times life just starts to get a little frantic and we don’t seem to see why.

Then it hits us. 

It’s the dip in the river, the edge of the waterfall, the unforeseen speed bump of life.  Before you know it you are smack dab over the edge and in the middle of something that seems out of control.  It could be a job loss, a marriage that crumbles, a fight about money with a coworker, or a major health illness.

Whatever it may be, you find yourself underwater fighting to surface again and sifting through the white bubbles left in its wake.

As I stood and watched, I noticed a piece of bark that had gone through the natural progression of what I just described and after it surfaced from the falls I watched it.  It floated around getting tossed by rocks, fast moving water, even getting close to the bottom of the falls again, but eventually it made it’s way down the river and the smooth ride it enjoyed at the top of the falls returned again. 

But soon the twigs and branches I saw in the water quickly turned to faces of people I knew and cared about.  People who I know are bobbing around in a sea of white water desperately trying to find that smooth water again.  As I was thinking about all this I have to be honest, it was kind of hard to process.  I was really getting frustrated until I happened to look up in the trees near the shoreline. 

What I saw was a very odd thing to be in a tree that stretched out over the water as much as it did.  You see up in the very top of the tree I saw a cross.  A small, burnt red, man-made cross.  Now, I’m pretty sure the little nuns I saw at the Hermitage didn’t shimmy up the tree to put it there, but it was obvious someone intentionally put it up there. 

And then it dawned on me.

I got so caught up in the middle of all the stuff going on in the water I forgot to look up.  I completely lost sight of where the strength to get through the waterfalls of life comes from.

“I life up my eyes to the hills—

where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord,

the Maker of heaven and earth.”

-Psalm 121:1-2

So in the middle of your battles don’t get so caught up in the white water around you that you forget to look up.  God may have been waiting in the trees the whole time. J


True Confession of a First Time Dad: My Daughter Said “Shut Up”

So there we were having a great breakfast at a new French bistro we found in Lombard when it happened.  My almost 2 year old daughter said “Shut Up” as clear as a bell.

To be fair, the French owner was one of those semi-annoying people that are overly excited about kids in general and made a point to be increasingly attentive to how Aniston was doing.  You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. 

It was so bad that Aniston actually put her hands over her eyes thinking that she was hiding from him, which is something Aniston never does with people. 

So, after about the 6th time of him coming over to us and then walking away she said clearly and slowly…Shut…Up.

I looked at Cherie and she looked at me.  We both had our mouths open like a cartoon dog seeing a juicy steak, but sadly we weren’t drooling over the food, rather we were shocked at what Aniston had just said.

We quickly corrected her while racking our brains to think back to the time someone said or we said that phrase with her ears around.   All the while she continued to say…Shut…Up.  As if she was refining her pronunciation so there would be no question at what she was trying to say.  

Cherie and I felt like the woman that forgets to turn her phone off in church and then when it starts ringing to “Too Legit to Quit” has to rummage through her oversized fashion purse to find it.  We couldn’t turn her off for the life us!  Shut…Up.

Sometimes we do that in life to don’t we?  We just do things, say things, or believe things because that’s what we heard or experienced.  We never take the time to investigate it for ourselves. 

I clearly remember my grandmother using racial slurs in public conversations not thinking anything of it because that’s how she was brought up.  Grandma Hunt is awesome and is the sweetest lady ever, but that was her environment.  Aniston doesn’t know what Shut Up really means, but because somehow she heard it she just says it. 

That can be very dangerous when we apply this to the Christian life.  If we passively walk through our lives believing what our friends, parents, siblings, co-workers, even preachers say about Christ we run the risk of believing something not written in the pages of Scripture. 

1 John 4:1 tells us “do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

If we aren’t careful and test the things we hear we may find ourselves buying “holy water” from a guy in a bad toupee on TV thinking it will heal our cholesterol problem.  There are all kinds of people that want you to believe all kinds of things except the Truth of Jesus.

We have to be willing to not accept what people say about Jesus or Christianity at face value, but be willing to put the hard work into investigating for ourselves.  But at the end of our search we also need to be mature and ok with the Truth.  Even if that means we admit we are wrong or, heaven forbid, need to make a change in our lives. 

I wouldn’t be a responsible parent if I let Aniston just tell people to “Shut Up” all day because that’s what she heard someone else say.  I need to correct her to what is right and to what is respectable behavior. 

For those of us that desire to purse Christ, we need to move past what we’ve heard and put into action what is right too.


Last Will and Testament

My wife and I had the uncomfortable experience a couple years ago of putting together our Will.  I say uncomfortable because honestly how many people like to sit down to a nice cool class of iced tea and discuss the light and airy topic of death?  You see, a friend of ours from Parkview came over and all three of us sat down at our dining room table and discussed the greatest “What If” question anyone could ask.  “What if you died?”  I know, I know many of you just solidified your answer of “no” if ever asked to come over for dinner with Cherie and I, but believe me we don’t always talk about the deep stuff.  Sometimes we discuss lighter topics like predestination vs. free will, Calvinism vs. Arminism, or whether or not animals have souls.  So come on over! 

In all seriousness, this Will and Testament deal did make us stop and think about some very tough decisions.  Sure a great deal of our discussion was spent on who got what stuff and how much of our little estate would go to him or her, but it made me also wonder about what type of legacy I would be leaving behind too.  What would people say about Brian Hunt after I was gone?  Would people remember me or would I just be a blip on this radar screen called life?  Would I have somehow carved my name in the cement of our culture so that everyone knew I was here?  If the people I came in contact with over the course of my life heard of my death would they think back to good memories or bad ones? 

Would people even make an effort to come to your funeral or would they put the same amount of effort into you as you did to them?  Now I’m not asking you to start making a list of people you want at your funeral and begin the RSVP process or anything like that.  But I am asking you to consider this; if the light switch of life was turned off right now, what would you want people to say or remember about you?  Granted it is very clear in the Bible that we are not saved or defined by our works alone, but what would you want rattled off about you as people reflected on your life?  Or better yet, what would you want God to say about you after you have completed your mission here on Earth?   If the God of the Universe was given the microphone at your funeral and was given a few minutes (FYI- I would hate to be the person given the job of telling God He had a time limit) to say a few words about you, what would He say? 

My prayer for you is to start living dangerously.  I pray that you take a sledgehammer to your comfort zone and destroy it.  Leave it behind with a huge God-sized hole in it so that anyone that passes by to look at your former life will know without a shadow of a doubt that you are living completely for Christ.  That cocoon you used to live safely within restricted you from spreading your wings and flying.  Let me ask you, how many butterflies do you see rolling around in the dirt?  None, zero, nada.  That is because they are a new creation created to do greater things than did before.  They leave their old dirt behind and soar to new heights. 

I want to encourage you to spread your wings, make an impact in our world, and a leave a legacy worthy of God bragging about when you are gone.  Whatever you do, don’t be a butterfly stuck in the mud.  Remember, you are new creation created to amazing things for God! 

So before the lights go out, live dangerously and start writing your name in some wet cement!


The Bunny Behind the Fridge

The other day I noticed a little gray ear sticking out from behind my refrigerator.  I didn’t think much of it since it is close to Easter and Aniston has all kinds of bunnies, but this seemed odd.  The odd part was that every time I opened the back door to our deck it would tuck its ears back in and then reappear after the door shut. 


Well I had to check it out…


To my shock, it turned out not to be a bunny at all, but a disgusting collection of fuzz, dog hair, and dust that had morphed into a disgusting mass behind our fridge.  It looked like an Etch A Sketch had ended it all behind there.  Yuck!


Well that got me wondering about a few other items in our house that didn’t get moved that often.  Sure enough, the carnage was repeated behind the dresser, the bed, and even Aniston’s changing table!  The people at the First 48 would have had a field day with all those crime scenes.


Now before you start calling Merry Maids for us, our house is very clean.  I know…because I clean it most of the time J.  From the outsiders point of view everything looks really good.  Honestly we don’t have to do much before people come over because Cherie and I stay on top of it pretty well.


However, this “little discovery” today made me realize that there are still things in our house that might be awkward and heavy to move but hide a bunch of dirt we don’t see.  Or maybe don’t want to see.


How about in your world?  And, no I’m not trying to guilt you into cleaning your garage.  I’m wondering about your other worlds.  Your family, job, relationship, and spiritual words.


Let me see if these will help point you to some awkward and heavy things in your life that may need a look behind.

  • When was the last time you asked your wife how she thought you were doing as a husband?
  • When was the last time you talked to your kids about how you could be better parents to them?
  • When was the last time you and your husband talked about how satisfied each of you are with your sex life?
  • When was the last time you talked to your boyfriend about not living together any more until you get married?
  • When was the last time you asked God to show you areas in your life that you can improve to be a better Christian?
  • When was the last time you asked God to put someone in your life that you could share your faith with?

I believe some of us don’t move these big pieces of furniture in our lives because it takes effort and we don’t want to see what’s back there!  Sometimes the answers or the work that needs to be done may not be fun, but it doesn’t mean it’s all ok back there if you don’t look. 


Ephesians 5:13 says “But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.”


If I learned anything from my refrigerator experience it is that just because it may look pretty on the outside doesn’t mean it is.  The only way to really tell is to shine a little light in those areas you don’t look at so often and get to scrubbing. 


And the best part is you don’t have to do it alone!  Sometimes in order to get to those hard to reach places behind that heavy stuff you need a little help.  This may be a perfect opportunity to reach out to a friend, your church, a counselor, or spouse and just say “Hey, can you help me with this?  I can’t do it on my own.”


Believe me, Jesus already knows what’s back there and He’s just hoping you will ask for some Light to be shed on it so He can help you clean it up.


Oh geez!  I just saw another bunny ear.  Gotta run! 



Osama Bin Laden, Charlie Sheen, and the Royal Wedding

Question:  What do Osama Bin Laden, Charlie Sheen, and the Royal Wedding all have in common?

Answer:  In less than 30 days they will all be yesterday’s news and we will not even think about them anymore. 

The most recent to all of us is the death of Osama Bin Laden.

By now the entire universe has heard that the notorious terrorist Bin Laden has been killed and has made his way to his eternal next stop.  I’ve heard such a wide reaction to this historic moment that it makes a guy’s head spin. 

I too seem torn on what reaction to have.  I clearly remember the where, what, and when of September 11 and the myriad of emotions I felt.  Years to come I will also remember where I was when I heard about Osama being killed and the mix of emotions that welled up in me yet again. 

But, as I was mentally and emotionally wrestling with myself I realized something. 

Just because Bin Laden is dead all evil isn’t.  His death didn’t end sin.  It didn’t mark the end of lying, cheating, stealing, abuse, rape, drive by shootings, or government cover-ups.  Just because one evil man has left this planet doesn’t mean that the fracture caused by sin has been healed. 

Then it clicked. 

We still need grace, we still need mercy, we still need hope, and we still need salvation.  It clicked because we still need Jesus. 

In less than 30 days we will move on with our lives and Osama will blow over just like Charlie Sheen and the royal wedding.   We will move on with our lives until the next jolt to our cultural system happens and then we will react and adapt again.

The one and only life-changing, world-changing, soul-changing moment that will eternally affect us all is the return of Jesus Christ.  It is then that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord.  It is then that evil will be eradicated.  It is then we will find peace.  It is then that God will say enough is enough and make everything as it should be.

Until then, one terrorist wiped off the planet is the equivalent of a French fry crumb being swept off my napkin at Red Robin.  They are a dime a dozen and after awhile no one cares any more. 

The beauty in all of  this is that Jesus hasn’t returned, which shows us just how much He cares.  His patience and restraint to those that have not yet accepted Him as Lord shows me that we aren’t a french fry crumb on a table to Him or an over priced royal wedding hat.  We are prized and worth waiting for despite our sinful ways.

So my focus is not on who has passed away, but Who is alive and coming soon. 

Because when Christ returns there will be no question and it will be unforgettable! 


Over the Past…Under Grace…Through His Love

Have you ever tried to back up your car for any great distance?  I mean like have you ever tried to drive your regular route to work with your car in reverse?

No?  Shocking. 

Then why do most of us live our lives looking over our shoulders at our past instead of looking to our future?  How many of us have wrecked things in our lives because we didn’t have our focus in the right direction?

You see, you and I drag the errors of our past around like a boulder strapped to our ankles.  It has become our “thing” our tattoo that brands us.  We think that when people look at us they think, “Hey, there goes John the drunk!” or “Isn’t that Suzy the one who has 3 kids by 3 different dads?” 

And if we are honest, some of us like it.   I mean at least we are known for something right? Even if it is a terribly painful thing that if we could go back and fix we would.  The attention and the sympathy we get from it reminds us we’re alive…at least the only version of alive we know.  Isn’t that in essence the crux of reality TV?

Other’s of us fight our whole lives to create smoke screens around our past in the hopes people won’t notice them.  We do things like purposefully make ourselves the butt of the jokes when it’s brought up in conversation or downplay the severity of it,  “I mean it was only one DWI”.   But through the fog there still is a great deal of pain felt and no amount of laughing will take that away.

So what should we do with our pasts? 

If embracing them and ignoring them don’t seem to work what then? 

Answer:  You have to give them up. 

You may not know this, but Jesus is the ultimate past hoarder.  He loves to accumulate people’s pasts and never give them back.  In fact, when He picks up your past at a garage sale, He pays top dollar for it.  He pays for it with His life and asks that you and I do one thing. 

He says, “Don’t let your past define your future, let Me define it.”

He no longer wants us to be shackled with the weight of our past because the pursuit of this new future will only be slowed down if we keep all that junk.

Listen to the words of Paul.

“Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 3:13-14

I pray that we are all straining not under the weight of life or what our pasts say we are, but straining out of an aggressive pursuit of Jesus Christ in all that we do.

My prayer for you as you read these blogs, watch these videos, and hear this music is that you are constantly reminded that Jesus has bought your past so that you are free to look to your new future clearly. 

Believe me when I tell you that can be

Over your past…Under Grace…Through His Love

…All because of Jesus Christ. 


The Guy at the Gym

I workout.

Monday – Chest and Back

Tuesday – Biceps and Triceps

Wednesday – Cardio

Thursday – Legs and Shoulders

Friday – Chest and Latts


Each day is different with the exception of one thing…”the guy at the gym”.  Somehow, this same guy is always there.  I mean it!  He is there before I come and after I leave.   He is there Monday – Sunday without fail and I would argue that if I came at 3:00 pm on a Tuesday in the middle of blizzard with the only possible way of arriving to the gym was by a sled pulled by Alaskan Huskies he would be there.

Now this doesn’t surprise me.  After having been in Health and Fitness Industry for over 7 years I have seen this type of person along with many other types of people.  There are the people that come to generally better their health.  There are the people that come to show off their outfits.  There are the people that come to show off what God gave them to put under the outfits.  There are the people that come to to see if there is anyone worthy enough to date.  There is the group of creepy people who wander around as if they were Robert Redford in the movie Jeremiah Johnson.  Then of course there are the people that come to the gym to honestly try and slip and fall in an attempt to cash in as if they hit the jackpot at Harrah’s in Joliet (another story for another blog).  But then…oh then there are people like the guy at the gym (who I will call Gym from now on).  

Gym is the kind of guy that spends hours doing something, but never really doing anything.  He is between the ages of 25 and 45 and floats from machine to machine, employee to employee, TV to TV, and girl to girl everyday all the while thinking, “man I am really getting a great workout”.  And without an ounce of doubt in my mind Gym leaves every day thinking that he just had the most intense workout experience ever and impatiently drives home in his Pontiac Sunfire to tell his mom. 

Gym drives me Kookoo for Coco-Puffs crazy not just because he may very possibly sweat up every piece of machinery in the building, but because he actually thinks he is making himself better.  He believes that by being around the weights, being around the cardio machines, being around normal people it will somehow let him accomplish what he wants to become.  

This is exactly what we do as Christians.  Far too many of us sleepwalk through our lives hoping that being around other Christians, having a Bible in our homes, coming to Church, saying Amen at the right times, and making the best casserole for the potluck will make us more like Jesus.    You can rest assured you are in as good of spiritual shape as my friend Gym is in physical shape. 

Being a Christian is not a spectator sport.  In fact I would argue it is much closer to Mixed Martial Arts than anything.  If you don’t have a few scars from your journey with Christ you have been living a nice "Nerf" life. 

If you really call yourself a Christian you need to be willing to get your hands dirty.  Don’t just read your Bible, apply it to your life.  Don’t just come to Church, be involved in Church.  Don’t just say you will pray for someone, actually PRAY for them. 

Don’t call yourself a Christian, BE a Christian.

It will take some work, but at the end of your life you won’t be driving your Sunfire back to mom’s house. 

No…you will be sprinting through the finish line, tired, exhausted, and falling into your Dad’s arms, but it will be worth the work!



True Confessions of a First Time Dad: It’s Not a Doctor’s Appointment It’s a Competition

I think the doctors are really to blame.

I mean for starters they practically announce the child like an athlete over a stadium loud speaker from the minute they are born.  "And now a girl, weighing at 6lb 11oz, standing 18 oz, and hailing from her mother's womb…Aniston Grace Hunt!!!!!"

It only gets worse after that.

Leaving the hospital, the doctors and nurses put them on a performance diet so that they keep growing and developing on the right track.  That way when you get home and the baby pukes up what looks like 3 bottles worth of formula from the 1 bottle you just fed her, you can justify losing sleep for 3 nights thinking your child will grow a tail or something.

Oh it continues…

Because then you get to the pediatrician's office for the first time and they pretty much smack you in the face with it.  Literally right after you shake the doctor's hand he hands it over.  The innocent name is the "Your Baby's Health and Growth Record", but the real name is The Score Card.  It is then that you realize that this isn't a routine visit to the doctor it is the visit with the coach.  It isn't a question and answer session it is a grilling.  It isn't a development check it is a competition. 

You know I'm right. 

Deep down you are torqued off when your little one is in the 10th percentile for something and proud as a peacock when they bust into the 95th percentile.  I know I am!  

I also know that you and your spouse have had those conversations at night that end up with one of you crying because you think you are going to raise a baby with a shrunken head at the rate their head is growing.  Don't lie 🙂

You can say you are not competitive all you want, but you are kidding yourself.  We ALL want our kids to be healthy, but let's face it we wouldn't mind a superstar in the family either!  So we take pride in making sure our kids eat right, letting them sleep enough, we buy those flash cards on TV where the 6 month old is reading War and Peace out loud, and we spend time with them so that when we go into the Doctor's office we get a good grade.

We ALL do it!

Could you imagine what would happen if we put that much concern and effort into our walk with Christ?  What would our lives look like and how different would our relationship with God be if we cared how much we spiritually developed?

Now hear me clearly on this one.  I'm not asking you to go get a score card and start adding up all the stuff you do for God like a spiritual checklist.  In fact, if we go too far that way and become a legalist Jesus may lovingly call us a "son of hell" which isn't good. 

But what if we simply ask ourselves "If I were to go to Doctor God and ask Him to check me out.  Where would my spiritual development be at?"

Ouch…I don't know about you, but that just made me puke a little.  

I think I'd probably put myself on the Gerber Stage 1 food level in some ways.  All of us would be malnourished at best and some of us near death. 

So my challenge to you and to me is to stop neglecting our spiritual development.  Let's start feeling that similar sense of accomplishment and desire to grow we have for our kids toward our relationship with God.  Imagine what could happen?

I know one thing for sure…God is chomping at the bit to see you become the superstar He designed you to be!



True Confessions of a First Time Dad: Would It Kill You To Hold A Door?

I was recently in Naperville, Illinois with Aniston while we waited for our dog Pachino to get a haircut or should I say buzz.

If I can say, our Golden Retriever loves getting shaved almost as much as Aniston dropping her entire lunch on the kitchen floor.  His heaven would consist of rows of toddlers in high chairs eating ravioli, a person rubbing his ears at all times, a buzz cut, and probably one of the Sleep Number beds in the shape of a dog bone.  He rocks.

Well, while Pachino was having a doggy spa day, Aniston and I hit some of the sites of Naperville including the Children's Museum.  This was totally cool, but needs another blog.  Stay Tuned.

However, before we tackled the museum we grabbed a little lunch at Panera.  Aniston loves people watching and grilled cheese so this was a perfect match.  We ate, pointed, giggled, and changed a diaper before it was time to go.  After I packed up I began the art of loading myself down for the walk to the car.

This consists of figuring out how you can carry a diaper bag, leftovers, sippy cup, a cookie for mom, the Declaration of Independence, a box of fireworks, and oh, a baby. I literally felt like a combination of those chicks that carry water on their heads and a Sherpa leading an expedition of climbers up Mt. Everest as I prepared for the 30 yard walk to the car.

As I got close to the doors to leave a sweet lady saw me.  She had just finished her meal and was taking her iced tea to go.  She smiled at us and as she walked through the glass doors, she "kindly"…let it shut in my face as she put on her knock-off Christian Dior sunglasses.  Even Aniston, who can only say "baby," was hacked off.

For Pete sake, I know I didn't have my cardboard sign on me that said "Will Work For You To Hold The Door Open For Me," but I'm pretty sure I didn't have my Harry Potter invisible cape on either.

So I did the whole "kick the door open with my foot scurry through before my daughter gets a concussion"-move and made my way to the car.  Luckily I only dropped the fireworks.

Too often I do that to people too.  Not so much with people needing the door held open for them, but to people that obviously have some baggage in their life. It's the kind of thing where you can obviously see that there is some stuff going on or stuff has gone on that they could use some help with.

I'm not even talking about the people you meet on the street corners, but I'm talking about the people you know well.  The friends and family that are close to you, that you share meals with, go to ball games with, and you text those stupid things back and forth with. Those people.

I pray that we aren't shutting the door in their faces as I know I have in my life.  They may never ask for it, but they may just need us just to turn around and help a little. Maybe it's an encouraging word, a Scripture you have read that has helped you, an invite to church, or even a kick in the pants to get them going again. You know them well so help them well too.

Whatever you do will be better than smiling and slipping out the door.